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New Zealand Media and Entertainment is a New Zealand newspaper, radio and digital media business. It was launched in 2014 as the formal merger of the New Zealand division of APN News & Media and The Radio Network, part of the Australian Radio Network


One of said radio stations is Newstalk ZB. The top jock on that show has just lost his weekly morning AM slot with the PM. And is he pissed on it. You can imagine if you were the PM and having to deal with a guy like this, vitriolic, bigoted, confrontational, disrespectful and ideologically opposed to you, then you might feel a bit indifferent about going on his show. She is after all a PM. Not a ring in for your own ratings.


He is the NZ equivalent to Alan Jones. I dare say his future will end the same way. Wasn't it Jacinda who precipitated his demise?

Maybe this jock knows whats coming, knows there is no hope of turning the ship around and knows that this is his last chance to get the upper hand simply because he can hog the microphone.


Good governance mandates a co-operative but not pliant media. I guess he missed that memo or was born in an era when ratings is all that mattered. Hence his antics.



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