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Somebody had better give this guy a call and tell him it is now Feb. and the EGM notice is AWOL.


Not sure how much cash they have left. Can't be much though. Hopefully this one doesn't go cactus like the internet of things deal. There's always Kim Dotcom's door to knock on.


Completion of the Restructure is subject to, and conditional upon, (amongst other matters) the satisfaction of the necessary regulatory approvals and sign offs, and the Shareholders of NZF approving all of the resolutions required to be passed to implement the Restructure. The Board anticipates that the Special Meeting of Shareholders to consider the Restructure will be held during the course of February 2017, and should the Shareholders approve the Restructure, the Restructure will complete shortly thereafter. The NZF Board recommends that NZF shareholders should not undertake any action in respect of their shares that they hold until such time as NZF is able to provide those shareholders will a full suite of information pertaining to the Restructure, including the independent reports For any inquiries please contact: Sean Joyce Chairman of NZF Email: sean@corporate-counsel.co.nz Mobile: 021 865 704




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This guy's full of crap. A meeting to be held mid-Feb. Yeah. Sure thing.


No money. No business. No plan. No word on a plan. No nothing. Not even a clue. If the NZX were worth their salt they would've evicted him by now. It's such a surprise the NZX is dying, isn't it?

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