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Two years since the last post on NZO with only negative events to report. This co has been stumbling under the Radford factor with little or no control over virtually all its activities. Massive staff increases and endless 'we have many exciting plans for the future' have been all talk and no action. What with the run down of Tui, failed drills x 5, relinquishment of permits, the PPP fiasco and Pike River explosion, no partners willing or able to undertake new drilling, and now the cancellation of dividend despite good cash reserves, it's a wonder that there is even a semblance of any market. After holding for years I have lost any confidence whatsoever in this board and am selling down progressively. Previous good prospects have been destroyed by endless bad decisions. The only salvation would be a take-over - perhaps Todd, Contact, Mighty River, Infratil or an Ausie oiler. Shouldn't be too costly at this time with poo so high and cash in the kitty.
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