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"English as she is spoke"


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BRG has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the Italian based prosumer specialty coffee group

Another new one. I think  I know what prosumer means , but really, it could just be a new version of poncy.

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Hope you are not eating your Weeties:


By decade’s end, the valuations in Surry Hills and surrounds were finally catching up to this promise, including two decacorns [startups with $10 billion plus valuations], three unicorns and a bevy of soonicorns

of course here comes the bitch


There are now more people employed in the tech sector than in mining by a pretty wide margin. The government can make it easier [with more tax incentives, faster processing of skilled visa applications, and more targeted investment in education], or it can make it harder.

or; socialising losses, subsidising privatised gains

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and one from the ABC


An unseasonable weather event ...  almost monsoonal like

maybe the subbie will pick it up,maybe not .... but the howlers keep coming


........ and then, captioning a photgraph : Flood water rivers over plains in Winton

they could have tried Water fills the flood plain ...OR  Floodwater spills over the channel

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Spare a thought for the Language Police in France.

The Académie Française was created in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu, and is the official custodian of the French language, and you would think they are fighting a losing battle with tech terminology.

le wifi OR l'access sans fil à internet

e-sports OR jeu video de competition

streamer OR  joueur-animateur en direct

cloud gaming OR  jeu video en nuage

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