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:devilsmiley: Looking good :)


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MTH ---something wiith a future---or not????


Going to track this, because on the face of it nothing much is happening while the price is rising.


Only thing of any consequence I can see is that on the 8th Consolidated Minerals increased its now

virtual controlling interest to 17.32%


So the question is; Is this an explorer really going places--OR


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First thing was to read the presentation and find what this thing does.


As far as I can tell it has discovered Nickel Copper and Platinum group elements contained in base metal sulphides--so at this stage NO MENTION OF GOLD.


Now move lower down the page--MTH seems to have a peculiar Capital Structure


I will now try and find what I term a TRUE gold explorer and I wll trace that similiarly.




Mithril Resources has discovered significant Ni-Cu-PGE mineralisation at a number of locations on the Harts Range Project

qIdentification of numerous gabbroic bodies with disseminated sulphides (including pentlandite) suggests a large, fertile magmatic event

qNo drilling or systematic exploration has been completed to date

qMuch of the project area is covered by thin (<100m) alluvium and/or colluvium but amenable to airborne geophysics for


Capital Structure

qShares on Issue 47.39M

qUnlisted Options3.3M




q9% of Meridian Minerals Limited (ASX:MII)



Substantial and Large Shareholders

qMinotaur Resources Investments Pty Ltd18.8% (8.9M)

qConsolidated Nickel Pty Limited 17.2% (8.2M)


qTop Twenty58.9%(27.9M

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Who knows what it does, it just drills things with a drill and the share price runs lol


MEP also does some gold go check that one out was 20c not long ago ;);)


PS did you see ORO today one of my favorite gold explorers ;)

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Apparently prw have a massive find


greenfields nickel etc in NT, now prw been suspended so you cant buy them,


MTH have nickle etc occurence


NT government funding drilling for both




If PRW have a massive find, MTH could move sharply as cap at 10 million



dyor i could be wrong

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Up another 13% lol :lol:
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I just spoke to the titles office in NT and I can confirm that the EL25307 lease (PRW) is heavily bordered by MTH . One available lease/title neighbouring PRW was rushed for and an application was lodged just today . If this PRW news is good MTH will run also I suggest .

I bought this morning on the existing MTH exploration and strong advice from a friend that they were sitting on something big . If PRW has found something then the local area could get alot more interest . The market caps of MTH and PRW are ridiculously low .

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