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In reply to: Sammy7 on Monday 25/02/08 09:48am

Some positive signs returning for ZFX share price with a nice run up thru $11 today. Pulled back to $10.50 again now and seems to have found some support.

An encouraging sign for another rally, but waiting for the outcome of AGM takeover now.





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Yesterday's interview in ABC Lateline, there was a mention of further aquisition activity after AGM in Copper. There is $1.3b left in the kitty after AGM. Does anyone here wants to hazard a guess on the next takeover target will be? It has to have copper, that's what he says.
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Announcement pending - last trades we're at 11.43...
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In reply to: early birds on Monday 03/03/08 08:25am

I hope a better offer eventuates, I feel short changed, OXR gets to use a relatively strong SP as currency for a takeover which only nominally values ZFX at $12 or so. If OXR shares drop it becomes yet another takeover with no real premium attached. An offer of $15 cash or so would be reasonable but not generous!

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Yes David


Feeling a little short changed but in two minds as it now gives a company that has a diversity of minerals and mining operations, something ZFX was going to have to pay a large premium in the future to gain to remain a valued share company.


Maybe a special divy return to shareholders for all the cash they are sitting on would have been a nice sweetener for them to think about.


I am sure there will be plenty of discussion on this and at the end of the day you have to hope the board has done the right thing because being a small shareholder does not give you much choice and they do have all the inside knowledge(hopefully).


Lets see what the future holds.

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