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Hi Guys & Girls,

I'm looking at changing my live feeds..

I have Metastock 10 for EOD FOR CHARTING & MARKET SCANS and are happy with that...ATM..

So should I go for Metastock 10 Pro and deal with the US for a live Feed..

Or get a alternative for day tradeing...?

What are you guy's/girls using?

And are they any good do they give all the bells and whistles..

Cheers Pete

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Illustrating the value of live data:


If one took a position of $10K in TAP on December 1st as Zola 1 commenced, you could have turned that $10K into $13,200K (using the mother stock) yesterday but you only had a 20 minute window of opportunity.


Assuming you had held that position for the ten weeks needed to complete Zola because of the number of cyclone interruptions you would be getting very toey as TD was approached.


Yesterday TAP went into a trading halt at market open (as far as I know), and it was established that trading would recommence at 12.40 Perth time following the announcement that hydrocarbons had been seen (final results still awaited).


TAP shot up from 80c to $1.09 within seconds--presenting that window of opportunity to sell.


To benefit and take profits either you would have to already made your sell decision and entered it, or you would need to be in front of a screen at 12.30 Perth time.


Two charts, TAP yesterday and TAP today---illustrating that IMO live data and a linked charting system are invaluable tools of our trade. (and I'm not pushing MDS either!)



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Hi all,

I am looking for a submarine, it's big, it's black and it usually lives in the ocean--- err sorry thats not exactly what I need most.

What I need most is a stockscreener, does not have to be free, but has to be unique, meaning that I have to be able to cut and paste search criteria such as that below.

For those interested the search below is to find a long in an uptrend at the bottom of it's stochastic cycle.

Show Stocks where the 3 day slope of the MA(50) is above .01

and the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) is below 45

and the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) has been increasing for 1 day

and the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) 1 day ago was below and the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) two days ago

and the Stochastic %K(5,3,2) 1 day ago was below 22

and the MACD fast line(5,20) has been increasing for 1 day

and the weekly Stochastic %K(3,1,3) has been increasing for 1 day

and the weekly Stochastic %D(3,1,3) has been increasing for 1 day

and the weekly MACD fast line(3,10) has been increasing for 1 day

and the Average Volume(90) is above 100000

and close is between 10 and 100



I need to paste directly into a new search under a new name such as "Search One"


"Stockfetcher" is the screener recommended but seems only to do American stocks.

Need an equivalent that does Aus stocks as I am far to dumb to write my own search criteria.

TIA to any who can help.




Ps found the sub, it's outside the Maritime Museum.


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Thanks Malfrey,

Will have a look at Paritech, but think that what I am looking for may be hard to find in Aus. Using IC Pro atm and for any one interested the word is they are going to intra day live, down to one minute, but not tick in the near future.



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