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Hi guys, thought this would be a good idea seemings that the market is going rediculous at the moment and there are so many good fish in the sea still.

Post your thoughts on companies way overvalued/undervalued in these harsh times


Gotta love the spelling...Cudnt fit the d in undervalued http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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In reply to: salts on Wednesday 01/10/08 01:32pm

Hi Salts, Looking for undervalued stock.....Try all of mine...lol

I'm still looking into it but PAN seems to be way oversold $6 to $1.40 Odd even with the drop in the PON...


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In reply to: haspete on Wednesday 01/10/08 03:47pm

Think in this current environment it's best to stick away from most speculative stocks. So my current watch list is LEI, CSL, BHP, and SUN. Think it's best to spread it across a variety of sectors. Both CSL and LEI have recently had SPP's which should put a temporary floor under their SP. Also the aussie dollar I think will weaken benefiting the likes of CSL. This stock has been a rock in the ASX the last couple of weeks. As for LEI just had funds raised around the $38 dollar mark from memory, and it was well supported. Don't like buying stocks sitting near 52 weeks lows, but hey there's alot of them out there in that spot right now. Certainly a good growth play for the longer term. BHP one always to buy near long term support of low 30's, think 28 will be the lowest we'll see unless the world implodes. As for SUN, getting quite a few upgrades around the traps just because it's so dang cheap currently and who know a TO could be in the wings.


Another outsider which might be worth considering is BLY....

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thanks for the recent recommendations.

I kind of figured, cant just ask others for reccomendations, better post my own picks to...


Anyway i think the folowing are quite undervalued at the moment:::







Cheers http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


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In reply to: salts on Wednesday 01/10/08 06:00pm



4 companies i'm tracking on sub 4 forward P/E's (2009/10)




All have Copper in common, so if Copper drops below $US2.50/lb (I dont personally think it will), then you may need to review them.


PNA also has Gold & Silver, & SRL has Coal & Gold as well.


EQN & ABY are pure Copper plays



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Seven is very cheap. Trading below book value, no debt, management own a huge stack and have quite a good history. With a three year view you could do very well.


There are a lot of great stocks out there at the moment that are on special. Any of the four banks would be good investments if your willing to take short term pain.


There are a few small oiling companies as well that a very cheap but cashed up, PPP comes to mind.


There are endless opportunities out their at the moment.

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This is a good idea, and I hope we can get some others to add.


Here are my immediate thoughts.


Sae (as chesterdash)

liabilities $5 mill

Assits $42 mill

Cash $6 mill

Recievables and inventory $4.4 mill



liabilities $1 mill

assets $107 million (wow!)




liabilities $2.2 mill

Assets $2mill

other assets $10.9mill


Any others you can share are appreciated.


I am looking for purchases when the prices fall further, which will happen in some cases.

MOL is a case in point I hope.


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D'Aguilar Gold (DGR.AX) is a speculative resources junior with a range of advanced projects in the process of being spun off into IPO's.


DGR's holding in Mt Isa Metals (MET.AX), which recently had a successful IPO, are worth nearly all of DGR's current market cap. In an announcement about the Anduramba molybdenum project released today there is a mention of a discounted NPV of $126m, which equates to over 80 cents per DGR share. The AusNiCo project is the next planned IPO and DGR also has gold and uranium projects actively under development.


The range of projects makes DGR a better bet than most other speculative resources stocks. Adding the projects together gives a value of many times the current SP of 7 cents.


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