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Will the bailout work?


Will the bailout work?  

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In reply to: ShareScene.com on Monday 29/09/08 03:21pm

Depends on what you mean by "work". Will it build confidence in the financial markets and ease the credit squeeze? Maybe. Will it prevent US from going into a deep recession? Probabaly not. Will it stop the slide of equities? No.

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In reply to: thresher on Monday 29/09/08 03:37pm

As the oils once sang, we are living on 'borrowed time'.


The world will not end, but massive destruction in the value of fiat currencies is about to accelerate . . . how could anyone sleep at night knowing their saving are in a 'bank'?


Hard commodities and energy is my bet . . . for preserving value.

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In reply to: ShareScene.com on Monday 29/09/08 03:21pm

Too many parameters here for a simple Yes or No.

Will it stop a depression.....probably yes

Will it restore confidence in the markets.....Short term only at this stage

Stop the US going into a Recession.....Think most believe it is already there.....

What effect will it have on the upcoming election is a big question right now??


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In reply to: King Baz on Monday 29/09/08 04:43pm

The GDP of America is an amazing 12417 $bn.


This is greater than the sum of the worlds next 5 major economies.


Japan 4534

Germany 2795

China 2234

Britain 2199

France 2127


(from the Economist)


Australia 733 is 15 on the list.


Will the bailout help? No, I think they have targeted the wrong street.

This will become a long and painful recession for the USA.


This is a generational change. Similar to the aftermath of WW2.


Just to be completely stupid, I mark the beginning of this American decline to December 1972. I have never forgiven America for landing on the moon and stopping. To me it marked the beginning of a civilization in decline.


Has a great civilization ever halted its decline? None I can think of. It might take another 100 years or so to hit bottom.








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Geez Vilmac, you get a few interesting ideas when you are on that ride on of yours . . . must be the qld sun today thats got you thinking http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


wrt the figures


GDP is one side of the equation, their expenditure is 115% of GDP that is where the problem is!




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In reply to: King Baz on Monday 29/09/08 05:10pm

King Baz,


Still trying to fix the sullage. Been knee deep in sewage for over a week. The fumes are eating into my brain and I am hallucinating or seeing clearly at last? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/puke.gif


Don't know whether to cut the back paddock or have a back burn. Rural fire brigade needs a workout.


As for 1972, could not believe it when they decided to halt the moon program. Now we can watch the Chinese set up colonies on the Moon and beyond.

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In reply to: Vilmac on Monday 29/09/08 04:22pm

About to head to the SYC grab the boat, cruise up to the spit with a nice bottle of Ballandean Estate Summertime Red http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


You should come down and let the back lawn burn http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif



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