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Another silver play on the ASX (with some associated assets) is CJO having recently completed the purchase of the Namiquipa Silver Project in Mexico, following Q1 report ground work is now commencing--see ASX reports.


CJO making moves today--chart enclosed.

Initial target 38c.


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Silver at USD44 makes silver stocks worth close investigation again IMO, plenty of upside potential.


chart 1--shows silver's high in 1980 of USD49.45 being worth in adjusted inflation terms as being worth USD130 today, makes you think--given todays spot market is only 25% off the all time high, and 2012 is hardly 1980.


chart 2--shows current spot silver situation in USD with upside potentials notice it has popped over it's 200EMA



Silver's high in 1980 of $49.45 per ounce adjusted for the CPI index equals $130 per ounce in today's dollars:




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With Silver now below USD19, perhaps its time to look at the bottom for the metal.

Unlike gold, Silver gets consumed in significant quantities in industry.

Yes, the loss of the photographical market has affected it, but there are more and more industrial uses popping up especially as an antibacterial coating in the food technology and medical field. (You can even get dishwashers with an internal coating of silver!).

The paper derivatives, with many times the value of all the gold mined in the world so far), have been the weapon of mass destruction for silver.

However, it can't keep being pulled down forever.


I have no idea as to whether the silver price has further to go down or not, but the upside is almost limitless.

Despite a gradual fall in price, its instructive to look observe that the vast majority of silver stocks In the following link of silver stocks

are mostly still in the mid range or better between 52 wk hi and 52 wk low.


I tried to paste the table, but the formatting gets screwed, so for those interested, they will just have to download the table for themselves.


it is interesting to note that one of the larger producers, CDE, is probably now making a loss on every ounce it mines, as does First majestic and Panther.I was pondering which of the silver producers to have my play in.


In the end, I decided to use the USD from the sale of my XHB ETF to buy another US denominated ETF, SIL.



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The quote below is interesting on two fronts.

Firstly, its content in that it is predicting a short squeeze on Silver and a possible price rise (good for me).

The second thing is the name of the bloke who wrote it.

Is it a typo, a spoof, or did his parents just hate him??



Silver Short Squeeze


By Turd Ferguson | Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Back in March, Comex silver prices surged 13% in just 6 days as a massive Spec short position was squeezed. Could the same setup be appearing again, primed for squeezing later this month? It certainly appears that way.


Recall first the circumstances surrounding the squeeze last month. Conventional wisdom held that the FOMC meeting of March 17-18 was going to precede some sort of announcement of an imminent Fed Funds rate hike. In anticipation, momo-chasing Spec fund money came flowing into the short side of Comex silver.


In the three weeks between February 24 and March 17, Commitment of Traders data shows that the Large Spec GROSS short position in silver grew from 20,009 contracts to 37,238 contracts...an increase of over 86%...all while price was declining from a 2/26 intraday high of $16.62 to a 3/11 intraday low of $15.36. This massive buildup of Spec short positions left silver ripe for a "short squeeze" and, when the FOMC Fedlines of March 18 failed to include the anticipated rate hike language, it was off to the races.


Over the six trading sessions from March 18 through March 26, price rallied from $15.40 to $17.40, or roughly 13%, and over this same time period the Large Spec GROSS short position declined by nearly 15,000 contracts, back to near 22,000.


What has happened in the time since? Despite all of the lousy US macro data, including the awful employment data of two weeks ago, conventional wisdom has once again decided that rate hikes are imminent. To this end, silver has fallen back to near $16 and, with it, silver open interest and Spec shorting is rising once again. As of last evening, total Comex silver open interest now stands just 1,300 contracts below the all-time high of 179,123 set on March 18. Check this out:




Feb 27 160,392 $16.56


March 18 179,123 $15.54


April 2 168,308 $16.70


April 14 177,877 $16.16




To me the conclusion is quite clear. The risk in silver is NOT to the downside with a drop through $15.50. Instead, the risk is being taken by the Spec shorts. They are being set up once again for an epic squeeze. This move is not yet imminent and it may be timed instead for the next FOMC meeting in two weeks. This would coincide with May silver contract expiration and the mandatory Spec short-covering that would naturally occur anyway.


Therefore, could another squeeze and panic develop, similar in size and scope to March? Certainly. And could you profit from this move? Absolutely! Those willing to gamble in The Casino and confident enough to take a contrarian stand against the momo-and-headline chasing Specs, will very likely be richly rewarded. These profits can then be used to acquire additional physical metal to add to your stack in preparation for the eventual end of The Great Keynesian Experiment.

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I think it's a spoof name. I was just looking around and it appeared as a joke on an American comedy show some years back. Either that or his parents watched the show and did indeed hate him and became sick of calling him a little $#!T.
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