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In reply to: jbmurc on Monday 29/09/08 09:49am

http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/unsure.gif six bucks for Coeur? Seems a little over the top ...

So far, it's still in a downtrend with those dreaded (orange) steps down to H.


However - a silver lining does appear in the shape of a first Higher High (HH) 5c above the previous (LH). MACD is also looking decidedly positive, so, a break above $2.35 could possibly reignite some interest.


Watchlist material...


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QUOTE (arty @ Monday 29/09/08 12:12pm)

there's less silver than gold above gound atm so on fundamentals CXC is a strong buy if you want a pure silver play if not buy silver bullion ethier way silver's cheap atm

p.s if your going buy bullion be prepared to wait as everyday more investors are waking up to the sad facts of fiat currencies worldwide

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In reply to: jbmurc on Monday 29/09/08 11:35am

another pure "silverado" is MMN.

Yes, the chart looks awful: problems with the ramp-up of a new technology, if I read it correctly. On the bright-side, the Weekly chart gives me a couple of signals that suggest the bottom might be near: a few thousand shares tucked into the bottom drawer won't cost the Earth and may beat an ordinary Lotto ticket http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


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I hold CXC but have found them, and silver, to be an exasperating investment! All the signs point to an expected price increase but so far just that, signs! I'm starting to believe the stories about how the PoS is manipulated so I'll be waiting for a firm uptrend in the CXC SP before I add to my holding.







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Arty - MMN has a major problem: the "management". This is the same lot (father and son) who wanted to mine the Kokoda Track with Frontier Resources (FNT)- what a great little PR exercise THAT was...NOT!


MMN has been used as a fund-raiser for the McNeils for years, with endless cap raisings, share dilutions, and umpteen promises of silver. Still no silver, except for a bit of silver powder from Twin Hills, and a very limited mine life. Nowhere near enough silver there to cover the amount of shares on issue. And funnily enough, the directors keep getting shares and options.....


If I remember correctly, the last options expired so far out of the money that virtually none were exercised, and people who bought options made a nice big tax loss.


They are a hopeless mob - geologists maybe, but miners? Never.


I stress that this is not sour grapes, as I did well out of MMN - bought in the single figures, and sold at about 25.5 cents. In retrospect, it was a wise move to get out. There is no way, even as a fervent silver believer, that I'd be buying back into MMN.


Just my 'umble opinion.



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In reply to: NightStalker on Monday 29/09/08 01:55pm

thanks for the warning NS

Queensland is a fair way from where I live. The Macs only popped up on my search for a pure Aussie silver play. Apart from CXC, it seems to be the only one.

But as I said, the chart is still looking awful...

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  • 2 years later...

Tread VERY CAREFULLY---the big boys are playing fast and loose with Silver---please note there are TWO further margin increases happening--the 4th tonight, and the 5th next Monday--read the CME link provided. Presumably the next step will be to BUY silver say in 7 days time?



Silver dropped another $2.27 again on Wednesday May 4th 2011. Starting the day over $40 reaching as high as $41.90, then swinging back down to a low of $38.94 to settle at $39.45.


Billionaires and hedge funds took part in todays drop as George Soros and others were sellers of gold and silver today.


Fund managers have said that Soros could, in theory, sell gold and silver to take profits and then build positions back up within days, or even hours.


If sharks were in the water yesterday, the great white showed up today in Soros. Now it seems as the killer whale has been invited by the CME as they have announced a 4th and 5th margin increase for silver to go in to effect on the close of business Thursday, May 5th 2011, and Monday May 9th, 2011


See the official advisory notice here;


4th And 5th Margin Increase For Silver By The CME

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