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LOL nh :)

It has occurred to me on a few occasions, if the punters that blog the SLA thread could donate ten bucks for every post they made and maybe charge $1 per view, the proceeds would be sufficient to re-float the company.

(But under that rule, I probably wouldn't have bothered adding my warnings and charts over time; might even not have wasted as much time visiting; but then again, I would've missed quite a bit of entertainment :P )

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On long-time charts, I usually choose a semi-log price scale, to which I add long and medium-term EMAs.

While I didn't recognise your Jaws2 chart, here is another candidate for the prize.



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Great post.




I totally agree with you.


Over the road on H.C, on the BMN thread it was rife, a certain person would ann to all that the resource was fantastic, or the


news release from the company was outstanding( mind you the share price would hardly move until he and his friends started


air raiding ) he would make out he was the smartest person of the smarts, he also had his bouncers work for him, if anybody


criticised hin on his analysis of the said stock , they would attack relentlessly.


He and his brother would, and others in on the capper purchased hundreds of thousands of shares while the share price was down


and after he had spruiked, and the S/P had climbed anywhere between 20 &30 Cents they would be unloading their shares, then


when the shares got down to where they wanted them, the same as above would repeat it self time & time again .7 TIMo



I remember one day this person spruiked, and a person from the EXT thread challenged him on his analysis of all the drilling


results that had been released over a period of time, and stated that he was completely wrong, the man and his henchmen


took aim and attacked ( The person that challenged him, stated that the IDA DOME resource of which EXT owns would be of


higher grade) him relentlessly, you can guess, who got egg on his face when BMN released a Jorc resource.


That person from the BMN thread, made millions from those poor buggers on that thread.


The latest I have heard through the grapevine is that person is in deep shit, a nd is continually looking over his shoulder.


Also while I`m at it, if your a member of H.C. have a read of the Shareholder Education Thread, I think it is that thread.


It is based on what happened with Trade4profit that posted on the CDU thread, and how people can be conned, ASIC are


investigating this person and others. I MUST SAY A GREAT READ. I myself can only read over there, as I got banned for life,


as far as I know for telling facts, not fiction which the moderators did not like.


As I always tell people if I mention a stock. Please Do Your Own Research. Read all the facts and only then make a informed









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** glad that you did look far and wide for this potential sucker stock and as far as I am concerned the easiest way to find these kind of suspects is to check out on their popularity in terms of messages posted/responded about them, it's far easier to do it this way. :)
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SSE - daily chart. It's generally not a good idea to ignore any classic chart pattern that is shouting at you. The 9 mth Ewave pattern in this case seems to fit into such a category, though I gotta qualified myself by saying I am only at the kindergarten-primary level in this field of analysis. This just to alert those who are good in it of the potential turning of the SSE, assuming they share the same interest as moi.


The basing at the current level will stretch on for a while I think, considering the various uncertain+weak fundamental factors within China as well as outside of it. Regardless, my read and conclusion at this point is the bottom has probably been made and the recovering process could well be on the way. Yes, as usual, the fundamental news will be bleak, I know, but that's not what you should keep an eye on coz at this point in time, you wanna watch what they do and not what they say, or are telling you.


How many times have you heard comment such as this? -- "The stock has just reported a great profit, blah blah blah and yet the market was not impressed and the stock price was sold down...!!?" Wanna an explanation? That is because those who matter and those who are in control and have plenty of money, they'd already knew in advance of the retailers... (How? Don't ask me, go ask them... or guess) and they had been preparing themselves to unleash their stock on to the clueless retailers. A case of sell on news and profit taking.


Right now, more than likely, "they" are buying on bad news, and in times to come, they will be waiting for the clueless late comers who jump in when someone whisper "hot market" into their ears!


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DXY -- daily chart. To get a better feel, you may want to click on the "in reply" link to trace back past view and use that to verify/validate your own observation, moving forward that is. If expressed in line chart the data would show there is a fairly strong resistance @79.70, you can verify this in the second chart posted here.


So what's gonna be next? Well, the topping pattern is a strong indication that there is a strong desire not to see the USD to move any higher. May be due to various vested interests from their respective angle. Not too long ago, someone had kind of worked out the "value" of USD based on both long/short term bond interest value, etc, saying the USD's fair value is @82 (could be wrong here since this just from memory), and shouldn't be moving any higher.


In any case from trades/exports/economy's perspective, the US "authority" I believe would prefer not to see a high USD as that would make the American products uncompetitive (their belief). If I have to draw a conclusion as of today, it would be the pressure for DXY to go lower is much greater than for it to go higher. And if that H&S pattern were to play out, then 75 can't be ruled out, but it won't happen within a short time. It would take a while, at least a good part of it would depend on the EU keeping their currency system intact and functioning like before.



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Here is what Iceland has done right vs Greece's wrong...

People Vs Markets

Iceland's approach to dealing with the meltdown has put the needs of its population ahead of the markets at every turn.


Once it became clear back in October 2008 that the island's banks were beyond saving, the government stepped in, ring-fenced the domestic accounts, and left international creditors in the lurch. The central bank imposed capital controls to halt the ensuing sell-off of the krona and new state-controlled banks were created from the remnants of the lenders that failed.

** see the points? People first, the foreign creditors can go jump at the cliff! Next was this: CAPITAL CONTROL -- just how the Dr. (Mahatir) would order it! The very bottom line is this -- money can be re-made if it's lost, but when people died, they are gone forever. It's too bad the Greek govt had failed to see all these simple but important things at the beginning of their crisis... now, it's all too late! The Greeks will be at the mercy of the EU "authority" and they will be damned to slavery forever by their own leaders. Where is the Spartaaaaa spirit! Where is the 300!

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Where is the Spartaaaaa spirit! Where is the 300!

The Greeks have rested on their laurels for 2000 years. And that's wearing them on the wrong part of your body.

"Cradle of Democracy"? My foot! Read up on History and you'll find precedents even in their "great" Athenian days, when they voted themselves out of any responsibility.

No Spartan Spirit left, I'm afraid.

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