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In reply to: Pub Lunch Man on Friday 04/07/08 08:25pm

Thanks guys,


Good to have a timefriame for the news but you just can't afford to be away from your screen when that news comes through.


Good fortune to all.





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In reply to: Pub Lunch Man on Tuesday 08/07/08 05:25pm

Hey PLM, hope you are doing well


Getting close IMO with the late buying, smelt of people in the know lol



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In reply to: gwydir on Thursday 10/07/08 06:11pm

Hi gwydir,


CFR experienced some SP manipulation this afternoon (IMO by parties in the know) in an attempt to shake a few monkeys off the tree prior to this afternoons NSL's announcement and CFR's potential company making week ahead.


CFR's iron ore valuation report and JV decision are due by the 17th July.


CFR's proposed lease (2500 acres) lies within the Karnataka region which boasts India's largest iron ore reserves, estimated to be about 9.03 billion tonnes averaging 60% Fe


You can make great comparisons between CFR and NSL's proposed leases with the link below:






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In reply to: Pub Lunch Man on Thursday 10/07/08 08:25pm

PLM, I was up on that, watching all week.

Watching NSL as well as had played them earlier and lost!


I so much wanted to buy those 1 cent oppies or sitting there with my mouth open @ .009, then I could not believe there was 500k sitting @ auction.....no $.






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I'm trying to work out what it means for CFR too. The grades they have announced are typical for magnetite ore bodies and will need benefication. How that relates to CFR we don't know yet as we are waiting on our own geo report. Will it show similar magnetite ore or will we have hematite (jack pot!), or a mixture?


I think NSL has let it's shareholders down in terms of the upcoming dilution. Current shareholders will have 1/5th of the merged entity and then only 1/9th of the company if directors get all their performance shares issued (pigs in the trough?).


But I'm not sure what that means for CFR. The ore appears to be there and that's great, but will a NSL-style dilution cost CFR shareholders?





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In reply to: spartz on Thursday 10/07/08 11:29pm

ummm, not to good eh, Spartzy.

Two different beasts and areas.

Today never helped either, lost of speculators jumping.

CFRO sold down on very small volume, looks like the stayers are holding.

Just shifted more funds, buying more cfro tomorrow after I see what the activity is like and look for the low.

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