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Did any one see a reference to Cluff in the big spread on Packer and his rubies found on his estate at Gloucester in this Sunday's SMH. Bloody cheek of the writer if you ask me. Packers shares in Consolidated Press goes up and Cluff gets a miss AGAIN.




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This morning show on channel 9 did a story on Dinningans dresses in Paris using " Pink Saphires" from Packers mine at Gloucester. ( Packers mine now !!!!!!!) Then ir was said they are really rubies but marketing them as pink saphires. Maybe rubies don't do so well? In any case it does not mean much to the SP it seems.


Oh well hold my breath !!


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During the fortnight finishing August 3, 1,255 tonnes of gravels mined from Area 4 were processed. This pit produces lower grades of rubies, but the gravels carry much larger stone than the previously mined Area 11. Approximately 15,000 carats (containing 7,100 carats of facet quality ruby 2,900 carats of facet quality sapphire, and 5,000 carats of cabachon quality ruby) at a total grade of 2 carats per tonne have been obtained, and have been shipped to Consolidated Press Holdings.


The substantial upgrade of the washing plant, accommodation facilities and haul roads at the ruby project is nearing completion, and larger and more consistent ongoing production has commenced. The project is now employing eight staff.


Construction of a substantial bridge, capable of supporting trucks weighing forty tonnes and hauling across the Gummi River, has now been completed. This was required in order to re-access the high grade deposit in Area 11, and 1,500 tonnes of throughput during

the current fortnight has been sourced from this area. As shown in photographs C and D below, the bridge is constructed of four precast reinforced concrete planks attached to concrete foundations set into the bedrock on either side of the river.


The largest facet quality gemstones recovered from the recent Area 4 production were a 9.8 carat pink sapphire (number 1 below), and a 9 carat deep green sapphire (number 4 below). A notable find was the 3.5 carat bright orange facet quality sapphire, shown at

number 5 below, and as a closeup in Photograph B. This sapphire measures 10 mm long, 6 mm high and 5 mm wide. This colour is very rare in natural sapphire, and has not been found at the Ruby Project before. The other stones shown in photograph A are: number

2: a 2 carat deep pink ruby; number 3: a 2.4 carat pink ruby; and number 6: a 3.2 carat light green sapphire.

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In reply to: thorny on Friday 10/02/06 06:32pm

Someone must really love this stock.


They are bidding for 17million units at 1.6.


Appears to be genuine as the nearly held priority bid at one stage?


Maybe it's time for a move upwards?


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Gold Veins just outside Ballarat.


Well I have vericous veins standing waiting for this thing to do something.


The Packer connection has done little apart from buying and I suspect making a packet on the rubies, and now into very old and maybe veins.


Oh well might as well hang on ( nothing else to do except take a loss ) and hope the veins pan out.



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Quick, more beer money needed, more shares offered at huge discount, like next week prob cheaper on market. Funny how as soon as pog rises reasonably, all manner of share offers appear, no, must be just my cynical nature, no shonks with this crowd no.......... no.............................. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif
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