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hi becky..


if you have about 2 free weeks i could explain why it's looking so horrid.


was once the darling share with traders.


why it's gone down in price is, nothing much has happened in the past few months.


so it's pretty much out of the spotlight.


they've had some recent news that things are getting back on track, i guess we'll just sit and wait.


also i noticed the M.D selling a few shares the other day, that doesn't helps it's cause much.


as for now, just sit and wait.


i predict that at some point in the future it will be back in favour.


until then look elsewhere..





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Hi awol,


Just joined this site to check for discussions on my current holdings - of which CFR is one of my favourites.

They have certainly had a shocker for the first half of the year (getting approvals /contractors organised etc. + unnecessary fund raising at a crazy time) but indications are that the second half will be pretty exciting.

I have spoken to the company recently and my guess is that approval of the large scale ruby mine will not be far away.

I have looked into the Copeton area and it appears that finding diamonds (where they are) should be straight forward. The location is historically extremely rich.

If they pull Copeton off at the same time as producing rubies it could mean: diamonds + rubies = 10cents+ per share.

Of course I already hold CFR, does anyone on this site hold as well? If so do you have any info. or comments?


Good Life

Good Luck!

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Knocking at 2.6c again ... after having pulled back from its lofty highs of 2.7/2.8.

Volume is averaging around 2.9M ... so nothing like the previous 20M shares .... but watching to see if it carries on up.


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In reply to: err on Monday 22/11/04 04:51pm

Hi err - if you are still out there!


As you no doubt saw things came together very very slowly for CFR


As of this week the company is now it's best position ever - They are within days of starting mining at around 250 tonnes of gravels/day which should produce a strong, steady AND sustainable rise in the share price + they are within metres of where the diamonds should be at copeton and it sounds like the water is FINALLY under control!!!!!


I think the market might take a week or two to 'warm up' again after waiting for so long and will probably wait for some ruby results/grades before moving, though any diamond discoveries should put an instant rocket under the stock.


The saphires in QLD look like an easy cash flow project - though yet more approvals are required before this can proceed.


I have been buying recently at 2.3 cents and now have plenty of stock to sit on and trade.


Now that they are mining again the downside risk at current prices looks minimal


Good Life - Good Luck!!!

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In reply to: Good Life on Wednesday 02/03/05 06:54pm

Hi Goodlife Yes still here and keeping my powder dry. Will pick up a few in the next week or so. Meanwhile good news we are digging and the rubies will surface. What do you think of Packer- will he pick up some more or take up his option to purchase. That would move the market.


ERR http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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