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Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme - Winners-Losers


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Julia's monumental miscalculation!---RESIGN :biggrin:





Australia's dirtiest coal-fired power stations are up to $1 billion better off because of the Federal Government's carbon tax package, according to new analysis by a private economic forecaster.


The figures may shed light on why talks aimed at closing down five of the country's highest polluting stations ultimately collapsed because of a disagreement over compensation.


According to Frontier Economics, brown coal power stations are between $400 million and $1 billion better off than they would have been if the government did not go ahead with the carbon tax package.


"If the objective of the carbon tax was to reduce greenhouse emissions and to discourage investment and high emission generation, you've got to believe it's been an abject failure," Frontier Economics managing director Danny Price told ABC Radio's AM program.


"It's a sick joke really on the environment."


The new analysis has been revealed just a day after the Government shelved plans to pay high-emitting power stations to close down.


Resources Minister Martin Ferguson said talks between the Government and power station operators failed to agree on how much the assets were worth.

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