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FED to rescue Fannie Mae?


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In reply to: Danville on Saturday 11/10/08 09:51pm

Danville, it's amazing it has taken so long for all of this to come out (great post by the way).

I have seen reports that Clinton's former Attorney-General Janet Reno put huge pressure on Fanny/Freddy in terms of anti-discrimination actions for failure to lower mortgage guidelines for minority groups. Not to mention questions of huge funds flowing to the Democrat party.

Now I suppose we will see another round of misguided philanthropy under this jerk Obama, who I heard today was promising to "change the world".

God save America! (and us too I suppose)

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In reply to: alonso on Tuesday 28/10/08 07:34am

What we need are more questions and more transparency in order to keep this sort of thing from repeating itself.


Joe the Plumber has gotten raked over the coals for asking a simple question from his front garden. Now today, a TV station has been "cut off" for asking a question they didn't like.


What the???


This is not lost on those who might invest in America.


No one wants to be holding the next Fannie Mae when the truth leaks out.

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