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If the truth is inconvenient ... just lie !!


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I too follow most of the things outlined, however, in these matters the stock market is a trailing indicator at best. Consequently the average punter won't move until the markets move. Perhaps on lookout for a visible flag waved by some higher authority, usually a sage investor who makes a decision that things are about right for a turnaround. Indeed, the vast majority of market participants need to be "told" by the only things they follow: Stock markets. Whereas little green lights coming on from leading indicators that drive stock markets are meaningless, yet are significant signs for market makers. JP Morgan in the post 1929 crash would be a classic example of wisdom at work. Indeed, history will show that he would be responsible for the first green lights on the NYSE when the dealing was done, post 1929


On these significant one liners. For instance, Obama is taking some heavy steps to get more money in circulation, and when it does happen, as it will, then stock markets will applaud. Though right now market speculators(read banks, and other pillars of commerce) are digesting the news that their font of money may not be as easy to work over in the future. Mostly due to government intervention in their ownership, and all that. Which of course brings on more oversight to speculators, thus making life more difficult.


Other not so small items may be found in the BDI, a simple trigger to suggest someone wants to ship bulk cargo. Which in this case appears to be the Chinese, having run down their own stockpiles during the fiscal winter. Begging the question, what on earth are the Chinese doing, don't they know stock markets are heading south


One could go on about numerous items on the green list, but it would be meaningless to one eyed stock market supporters who find their daily marching instructions in the morning charts from the NYSE and the Nasdaq, then act accordingly on their local bourse.


The central argument for a recovery is this. The United States Govt, indeed world governments, are now on a war footing. Lose the war, and you may lose your country.


Meanwhile foot soldiers in the stock markets are blinded by ballistic exchanges in the various battles going on.

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Other not so small items may be found in the BDI, a simple trigger to suggest someone wants to ship bulk cargo



Spot On---but the reaction you get for pointing it out hardly makes the effort worthwhile!

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Flower, I point it out because it is patently obvious the Chinese have deliberately taken advantage of western woes, deciding to drive both shipping costs and the price of minerals south by using their own vast stockpiles. However the time has come to replace them, which is rather fortutitous, in that, shipping costs have been most attractive in recent times, and of course there's talk of minerals getting cheaper.


It is my contention that if stock market actors don't apply strategy to how they invest, then they should take up an easier sport. Perhaps Golf.

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Find it interesting that a forecast of a deep recession 18months ago accompanied by a list of indicators would have been howled down


Now the same for a forecast of better times ahead


Not suggesting we've hit bottom, just how our mindset clicks into the latest paradym


Is that how Buffet makes money - ignoring the current prevailing mindset

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Is that how Buffet makes money - ignoring the current prevailing mindset


Buffet's a market manipulater, Armstrong makes that very clear in one of his papers I published somewhere on SS a few weeks ago.


It was the silver market and he coughed up a few hours before the BOE (from memory or U.K Govt) was about hold an investigation.

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