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human inconsistency, human shortcoming, deliberate stirring the pot.


(not) pretty flash


May 6, 2010: U.S. Stocks

Oct. 15, 2014: U.S. Treasuries

Aug. 24, 2015: U.S. Stocks

Aug. 25, 2015: New Zealand Dollar

Jan. 11, 2016: South African Rand

May 31, 2016: China Index Futures

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Anyone trading GBPUSD long on Friday would have felt some pain... The ones who were long with no stops were the lucky ones as there

was a bounce back, unless they were margined out. Big losses for those with stops. 1 minute Chart shows how quickly you can lose a lot of money on Forex. I'm sure the big boys will have more fun with it next week. GBPUSD only for the brave.


1 Minute Chart


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The British pound has sunk to a near 30-year lows as the market faced up to a fact it should have acknowledged weeks ago - Britain is headed for a "hard" Brexit. A day before Prime Minister Theresa May outlines her government's Brexit plans in London, sterling dipped 1.6 per cent to $US1.19 - a three-decade low barring its 'flash crash' in October - and as much as 2.5 per cent against the Japanese yen in early Monday trade.


Ms May has refused to comment on the contents of her London speech at Lancaster House but it was widely reported on Sunday that she will push for a so-called "hard" Brexit that would involved curbs on European Union immigration at the expense of access to the single market that accounts for roughly half the UK's exports and imports.


Ms May has previously indicated British sovereignty would take precedence over any attempt to retain membership of the single market yet some investors have held out hope that concerns about the economic impact of Brexit would cause Westminister to seek a "softer" compromise deal with remaining 27 members of the bloc.

and any 'Trump rally' a mere blip

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