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Australian Housing Crash


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Yes I know people are set in their ways. I am not against property, believe it or not. I just think we are due for a massive fall and I am staying on the sidelines for a while longer. When I believe the time is right I will jump right back in again.

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Standalone stats are nothing but dangerous


Sydney House Prices (Commsec) How about something that shows past 2000 ? (if you find it, it will show the down turn that occurs 2 years after the end of that graph)

Compound Annual Growth Rate graph is displaying the creation rate not the total number of still vacant houses (nor how long they were vancant)

Real Home Price Index. Now show it adjusted with forex in mind (as the base line is 119 years old)

Household Debt, again adjust it with forex in mind. (we have covered this before in this topic if you look back)

The next two graphs now factor dual incomes... the idea that dual incomes will stop anytime soon is unrealistic.


Alot of this has been covered in depth on this topic before, Jasonjeroo take a hour and have a look back thru the last 25 pages. You'll see the past debate about the US vs UK vs AUS household debt and how when you adjust it to take into account forex (and how that the three countries measure the figure) AUS is below the US & UK


When you see the same figure by three different researches and they are all different you'll start to understand that each country has a slightly different way of measuring (it's just like how TheFerret was amazed at how the AUS unemployment is measured)


15+ posts and you still haven't answered 3 basic questions... so I'll repeat them:

So your 100% cash ATM?

Your parents renting ?

Your renting?




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