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Thanks for the reminder about that limitation in ownership. No doubt the threat of an unwelcomed takeover has diminished as STO has grown and prospered. In a separate note, I see that UBS has a fairly complimentary RR out on STO currently.
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Accumulation or distribution? STO appears to be backing and filling around the current level. With petroleum interest at a peak it's my guess that it's quiet accumulation going on here given the positive long term outlook for STO along with the current solid fundamentals. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif
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In reply to: abner29 on Monday 13/09/04 03:16pm

abner I am not sure fundamentals are 100% solid.I know that some investors are a bit concerned about problems with some of there prospects where the targeted growth was to come from.Tricky geology ? Have not got the info in front of me and stand corrected if not so but the recent fall could be attributed to that news and also the FUELS issue and the effect on the resets.Originally thought it all FUELS related until I read the recent report.

I hold a small amount of sto and will buy a few fuels for some divvie income.

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