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Junior Oil Companies. ASX


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In reply to: frankmal on Thursday 08/05/08 11:47am

Great thread


STX - 30c today Hartleys have 61c on it..

Results due for 2 wells in the next week or so that if proven will again double flowrates and income


my fav by a long shot

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In reply to: ricky99 on Thursday 08/05/08 01:03pm



http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif Appreciated


I particularly like the growth performance chart for CVN. Doing nicely.

Will monitor these stocks.






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In reply to: OMS on Thursday 08/05/08 01:39pm




ASX announcement on 05/05/2008

regarding the:

Rayburn Project- Duncan 2 ST Doubles Field production...appears very promising.


Also noticed lots of other projects in the pipeline with potential :


-Gilbert Freeman 1:

Ongoing testing of the Middle Wilcox


- Duncan 3

Preparations underway for completion and testing of the Middle Wilcox


- Hlavinka Duncan 1

Ongoing testing of a shallow secondary target


- Gilbert Freeman 2

Well spudded on 3 May and targeting the Middle Wilcox




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In reply to: frankmal on Thursday 08/05/08 02:46pm

One that has had a ripper of a week is Emerald Oil and Gas - up 60% this week alone and 100% in the fortnight. Have just announced a great deal for a 50 well programme over the next 12 months in the appalachian basin.


They have secured US$25 mill of funding for their first 6 wells.


This all from a company with a market cap of about $15 mill (was 10 mill last week).


On top of this they are a partner with ARQ in the canning basin drills - they are awaiting results from drilling done last year before the rainy season.


Huge potential.


Ticker - EMR



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In reply to: frankmal on Thursday 08/05/08 11:47am

I like MOS at the moment.


Have oil reserves - next 6 months sees as number of oil & gas potentials drilled.


Last quarter &9.9m income with $23m in the bank. COE have a 15% stake.


Company also has a LPG plant that is only ruunning at 25% of capacilty.


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Over 200 prospects and leads, all multiple MMBL targets, largest acreage package in Australia out of any company (250,000 km2). See CTP thread, quick summary including valuation found at post -







Brilliant package in the phillippines, currently in production through Galoc hence the ability to fund its own drilling campaign, multiple gas finds in turkey close to market with a gas price of around $7.00 mmcf (as opposed to australias gas price of $2.50 at the gate), aggressive drilling campaign underway, future phillippines targets encompass multi billion barrell structures, SC's next to shells malampaya field etc etc etc.


Two to look at....



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In reply to: Sav on Thursday 08/05/08 04:21pm

Agree on OEL as a good option for any spare dollars, although not quite producing yet from Galoc. Would be the next place that I would park money if I had some spare.



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