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A closing price of 0.30cents would be a welcome result for today.Then possibly a slight pullback before testing the 0.38-0.40cent range next week.At todays price EQX is a bargain.The 12 month high is 0.54cents.When this is broken expect the price to go higher..I bought my last parcel at 0.225 cents.
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In reply to: kahuna1 on Wednesday 11/08/04 05:46pm

All I can say is I tried,


This is what I posted exactly 12 months ago.


Still like the company and expect slow movement towards the last 2005 target as the year goes on. That being slowly higher to maybe even $14.00.


re: ansell ... very very good results

Posted 11/02/04 13:13 - 55 reads

Posted by kahuna1

Post #233352 - in reply to msg. #233094 - splitview


Just went over their announcement and even better than I thought.


Despite sales being down profits and eps were up over 50% .... also buried in the announcement was the company intends to increase its current share buy back from 10 mio shares to around 26 million shares.

Now if the current numbers hold up, the effect of both these announcements will radically change the P/E for Ansell .... the two coupled together .. that is a share buyback of 14% of the company along with an increase of returns the implied P/E at the current price is around 14 !!!


Now it could get even better than that if the company were to increase sales to say levels seen a few years ago. Suggest you read all the announcements and do your own research on this one. Ansell at current prices represents a company that has completely turned the corner in terms of earnings and with the signifigant changes due to a share buyback program things look as though they can only get better.


As I mentioned before this is a slow growth company and long term trade ... however that being said I would expect Ansell to rise above $7.00 within a few weeks and my short term(12 month) price target would be around $9.00/$9.50.


And a day or two later


Subject re: ansell ... very very good results

Posted 13/02/04 12:40 - 45 reads

Posted by kahuna1

Post #235421 - in reply to msg. #233352 - splitview


Short term target reached a lot quicker than expected.

I expected the $7.00 mark to take at least a week or two to be broached .... it would appear that this company is being re rated by some fund managers.


ANN is up 10% on the week ... this is for an ASX 100 company .... quite some move. After reading the briefings and announcements the projected 2005 earnings would suggest this company has a lot higher to go than I initially thought. Last accounts announced a massive increse in productivity and profit margin as well as bottom line profit. What is amazing about the increase was it was made with a reduction in sales and an increase in the main raw material ... latex.


In light of these rises, looking for a 2004 price target of around $10.00 now seen late in the year ... and if the second half is as good as management expects should see 2005 price target of even as high as $14.00 ....

this target sounds high given the current price is only $7.00 however turnaround in earnings and projected 2005 earnings ... at a price of $14.00 still only is a p/e of around 20 for the company.


Please read all thier announcements and consult a professional before you invest



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This is what Comsec had to say...


Ansell Limited (ANN), formerly Pacific Dunlop Group, today reported a profit increase of 26%. This was a solid result for the company and broadly in line with expectations. Ansell also told the market that they intend to look for a bigger presence in international markets such as China, Japan and Russia. It also voiced an interest in acquiring new businesses to make use of its current strong cash flow position. Ansell announced a dividend to share holders of 7cents per share. Ansell shares closed the day up 35cents to A$9.65 per share.





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In reply to: quiktrade_1 on Wednesday 09/02/05 08:26pm

Hi Quicktrade,


Not going to be quick this trade from here.


Slow grind up from here.

Second half numbers expected even better than this 6 months.

Market still sceptical, price 12 months ago was $6.40. Has certainly risen a fair way however expect still some improvement in the bottom line into 2006 with the implied P/E should we remain here at about 14. On that basis expect some movement in the share price during the year possibly to my target.


Was a big call when I made it at $6.80, but from here only a 40% increase. Next 6 months results are expected to be yet another 30% plus increase from even these improved numbers.


Shall wait and see.


Good luck

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Not impressed with todays announcement of a writedown of 80 mio on the tyre manufacturer ..... stocks still holding up well considering every other stock with this sort of news has been spanked hard in recent times.


Surpised to say the least it is still $9.93 ........


Have taken ANN off my own trading list. Has done well with around a 50% rise in the last 12 months but I feel once this sort of writedown starts happening its time to stick to stocks with better and improving stories.


All the best

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Ansell did well against analysts expectations in their recent announcement and the (5 - year) chart below looks healthy with a break out today.


Preceeding any pull-back in the Enery Sector, the smart money will rotate to the Consumer Staples and Health Care Sectors.


With CML looking to sell their Myer Stores and WOW looking overvalued, I am going for a heavier weighting in the Health Care sector and have gone long ANN.






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