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Hi people!

ive been lookn at some curses reg trading and investment ect, i notice one which looks really good "diploma in share trading and investment" with "wealthwithin" its veeeery $$ tho. with a price tag of round $6000 for the diploma and $13000 for the ADV diploma, i notice finsia does a few certs but im really after a diploma. and the good thing with the wealthwithin diplom is its accredited.. has anyone had any experience with these courses? or any othe courses? any advice would be great http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


Cheers :-)


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In reply to: euphoric on Sunday 03/06/07 05:37pm

Day Euphoric,

Not for me to tell you your business, but I doubt there is any course that will make you an instant trading succes, no matter how much or how little they charge.

Geoffrey has given you some good sites there and if you learn all that Jim Berg, Louise Bedford and Matt/Sari Kirk can teach you you will be well on your way, follow that up with every book you can lay your hands on, two of which might be "Tools and Tactics of a Master Day Trader" by Velez and Capra, and another whose name escapes me at the moment buy Stan Weinstein (name please any body) follow them with Dr Steenbarger and Dr Elder for the trading psychology required.


Remember it is not the sharpest tool in the shed that wins this game it is the one who keeps lining up, as an old shearer I once worked with was fond of saying " You have to keep walking up to em"


This may sound a little blunt but there is no instant success in this game, only he/she who has the required persistance and determination will make it.

Here is a little ditty by Calvin Coolidge that I have framed and it sits in clear veiw beside my desk to help me in the dark times ( and sadly there will be some)


Nothing in the world will take the place of Persistance.


Talent will not -- nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with Talent.


Genius wll not -- Unrewarded Genius is almost a Proverb.


Education will not -- The world is full of Educated Derilicts.




Good luck with your education, and remember what the old snagger said


"Just keep walking up to em son"



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QUOTE (falko @ Monday 04/06/07 03:23pm)

Wise words from the Falko, and have to agree. Read read read, and learn, make mistakes and learn from,....there is no teacher like time in market,...as Falko said, "PERSISTANCE and DETERMINATION alone are OMNIPOTENT"


Stans book is Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets.



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In reply to: falko on Monday 04/06/07 02:23pm

yea im also subscribed to australian stock report which is a good read..ive been reading a few books which provide good info but i still need some kind of guidance i think and i thought a course would provide that, cheers for the info :D

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In reply to: euphoric on Monday 04/06/07 11:23pm

Hi Euphoric,


I am also a learner like yourself.... and the comments from falko are absolutely true.


Like you I subscribe to Australian Stock report - I guess I got sucked in by the advertising. From a knowledge perspective its great, from a stock picking perspective, they don't hold any ground in comparison to a lot of brokers out there. I am planning to change to something else prior to the End of the Financial year to Fat prophets.


Also I am looking at an additional investment, buyin software with the training accompaniments. I have identified two so far, Pulse from paritech and Metastock. They cost a bit, but I guess there worth it, if your starting off.


In fact I'd throw it open to the experts out there...


Which software would you recommend?


Which Broker report would you recommend?





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QUOTE (mayo1975 @ Monday 04/06/07 11:53pm)

haahah yea, i got sucked in hard! the guy on the phone was verry convincing...but its a good read i guess and i got it verry cheap in comparison to their "retail" or their apparent retail price..but yea i also find books are great but i kinda need some propert eduction and understanding from a hand on direct approach.. ie share market course...so much to learn hey....its good tho! im keen as mustard....




btw im scott, howdy!



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