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Nearly 6M shares through at this stage....some profit taking of course and why not?


Now...for the next set of news....we know Macquarie is funding up to A$67.5M.....and we know where half the equity raising is going and that is Lion Slelection Limited which is the major shareholder and will put in A$15M (subject to the final offer terms). And Austock Corporate Finance Pty Limited to manage the rest of the equity funding to complete the entire funding and some! Just speculation here and could be wrong but what an opportunity for some "sophisticated investors" to do very well with some nice placements? Good for them and very good for shareholders. Probably better than a cash issue for some of the money I would think although some might like to participate in something like - Check BOW for example as the share price has just shot up after announcing a cash issue and because of the other very good news coming in. I think there are similarities here with CAH except we have gold and oil/gas. But a full placement/placements to "sophisticated investors" is very possible.


Patience...the longer this goes, the better it's going to get IMO. Been a while coming and now they are even talking expansion through more exploration and aquisitions...Heh...I do like this Company

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Yes and I am almost totally convinced (as well as a broker I know) there shall not be a cash issue but a placement/placements by the equity raising mananger. This is all good news and once that is finalised, full constrction will begin. And the way this Team is going, I wouldn't be surprised to see tremendous progress and construction completed within budget and ahead of schedule!


With some 3-1/2 years income guaranteed at such a good price, one has got to wonder....Is this really true? Yes it is.

So that will mean early pay back of the bank loan with big profits starting to roll on in.


- So the next big thing will be the finalising of the placements which could be quite soon.

- Then, there will be the start of construction.

- Then, there will be the announcement of extra resouces (the first of quite a few I would say) extending the mine life


And of course, there will be extra shares on issue BUT Catalpa retains 100% of the mine. Not shared one little bit! Maximum profits and you would have to speculate that if they keep on increasing the gold resource which they will be doing and it apprears highly likely that this will continue, then they could even end up being a takeover target. What a turn around this Company has undertaken, just amazing. These thoughts are my opinions DYOR but any Company that jumps from 2c to 8c+ in less than 6 months is not tooooo bad :graduated:



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I think I know the answer and this short term weakness is only short term I believe.

I was told that it was unlikely that there would be a cash issue with such good funding so far. However, it is possible and has been recently stated by the company that Catalpa will go to shareholders and give them the opportunity to partake in a cash issue. It would appear that it may not be a huge cash issue with other sophisticated investors coming on board if indeed the company has to go at all to the shareholders! But I think it is the perception at the very least of a cash issue that scares people of having to find money to fund it. If there is a cash issue, it may be quite small but should be on favourable conditions, of that I am sure. Catalpa Management is something else! Really good. And this fact alone gives me great confidence. But the thought of a cash issue does scare some people although with BOW, the share price has continued to increase more and more. Amazing.


So, I hope that helps a little. The prospects of this company at this point in time are so good, it's truly amazing. I would suggest be patient unless you have to cash up and see what will happen over the next short period to 6 months to a year. This company I believe (especially if the gold prices hold) could end up being a 5 or 6 bagger (or more) within 18mths to 2 years...and if the gold prices continues to increase...well, all bets are off!!


That's just my opinion. The news coming out in April is going to be all good with resources increased. The question is by how much? Reading between the lines (and it is early days for the Greenfinch resource remember), it is going to be significant!



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