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AFL / NRL Winners In 2011  

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QUOTE (Barrios @ Thursday 16/06/05 07:29am)

Yes Barrios, I was "WRONG AGAIN" ..... LOL !!


But funnily, sometimes, TWO wrongs, can make a right .... That may be hard to understand. (Swahili ..spello?)


But, I never did notice your 'pick' on the board, but then again, I may have missed it! - Stick to what you know best, may be best advice, for some people.


Anyhow ....... .. How's the 'chart' looking for QLD in the 'decider'?? - Their 'fundamentals' look good to me, as long as they can get a fully 'fit' side on the ground and maybe a 'swansong' for Shane Webke? - That would ensure a 'packed house', although, without him, I don't think they will have that much trouble doing that.



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In reply to: Reader on Thursday 16/06/05 09:17am

I have noticed that 2 of the commercial tv stations in Sydney always present aussie rules before league in their sports segments during the news... ALWAYS! No doubt they have an agenda relating solely to broadcast rights and commercial considerations.

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In reply to: texas4qld on Wednesday 15/06/05 07:20pm

Thanks for that Tex.Glad to have you on side.

They played just like I wanted , more expansive and infinitely better kicking game.

Johns was superb.

As for wally, it was easy to hate him but he was a master at the game. Having Eastlake fawning over every move he made nearly made me puke. A mate said to me once that if Wally crapped in his shorts in midfield Eastlake would have been extolling the virtues of such a brilliant move.


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In reply to: balance on Thursday 16/06/05 11:19am

Well boys,


Johns proved himself again. Definietely a champion player. A rich reward for all the effort he has put in to stay at the peak of his game whilst sidelined with injury.


Gee, NSW looked good apart from that period before HT when the forwards kept getting in the backline and wasting possession.


One clarifying comment re: Gower. I'm not bagging him - sorry if my comments were a bit concise. That guy is one of the toughest going around, and he plays with injury every week. He is tough, no doubt about it...but he is not up to origin football...that's all. It isn't a vindictive criticism...just a pragmatic observation.


His last chance was Game 1 last year, and like Kimmorley, made too many mistakes under pressure.


I'd still be happy to have him in my club side somewhere.


As for Kimmorley...the poor guy's confidence looks shot since Game 1..but he'll bounce back.


Looking forward to some Rabbit Stew this Sunday at the SCG, but secretly hoping the Bunnies make a real match of it. Last year was a walkover...I'm hoping for a really tight clash this year - similar to what transpired last week between Cowboys & Dragons and maybe a final scoreline around 18-10 or so to the Dragons.


I think McRae & Richardson will do good things at Souths (finally), and their wins over Parra & Manly have shown they can implement a game plan these days.


Can anyone get me tickets to the Cauldron for Game 3??!!! I'll gladly fly up there!





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Had you asked a bit earlier Coop I would have been able to get you some, one of our office staff got us tickets through his dad, I'll ask him tomorrow if he can swing it but I think they're gone.

Pretty hard to get hold of now that it's a decider !


Johns played very well, King played very well, but the greatest moment for me was watching Gaznier put his foot down and take on Slater............it was amazing to see how confident he was, and when Billy did catch him he threw a beautiful pass to Cooper which resulted in a classic try.

The only blues player to have a bad game was Fitzgibon, a bit too much drop ball that gave Queensland a sniff, but as a rule he's always been a solid player.


I felt a bit sorry for the margin betters..........the ones that took 13+ were in the money until the last 30 seconds, when Queensland brought it back to a 10 point loss.

I was happy with my short odds, I think conservative punting options will always serve you better at the end of the day.


Can't wait for the decider http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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In reply to: texas4qld on Thursday 16/06/05 08:04pm

Hi tex, agree with the Gasnier to cooper try it was a classic move.

My only critcism is I think he was carrying the ball in the wrong hand.No big deal until you get caught without a hand to fend or miss a chance to pass away with the free hand nearest the sideline.


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08:58:31 6404 * RUGBY LEAGUE:NRL R15 MANL-NEWC LINE IncET MANLY (-11.5 Pts) $100 @ $1.80= $180.00



Very hard to pick a certain winner this weekend, except for Manly and Brisbane.

The odds on offer are also fairly poor, so I've had to take a punt that Manly will hammer the Knights to get the prize money up a little.


Balance, You're being to hard on Gasnier...........I guess he thought he'd get around Billy http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


P.s. Sorry Coop, the tickets have gone mate.


Have a good weekend all.

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