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In reply to: AgentCooper on Wednesday 15/06/05 05:05pm

Your judgement about Gower not being an origin player I personally feel is unjust. He has all the attributes that makes an origin player, he is just one of those players that happens to of found himself playin footy at the same time as some great great footballers like johnsy. Cast your mind back a few years to when Gower was chosen to play for australia and big things were definately coming his way according to everyone that had anything to do with rugby league from the top down. He dropped his dacks at the pre game bonding session at the old CBH (coogee bay hotel) got punted from the test and has never really ever recovered from that in a representative sense.

go the maroons. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif

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In reply to: Reader on Wednesday 15/06/05 04:42pm


My wife and I went to a wedding in Perth years ago when the super leauge war was in full swing.

At the time Perth had a team called the "western reds" and we went to watch a night game at the waca.

I couldn't believe it at the time, but I had to sit up until 3 am to watch one of the origin games even though they had a big crowd at the local game !

Now I ask you.............even if you don't follow league, isn't State Of Origin one of the greatest sporting specticals in the world !!!!

It's right up there with the Melbourne cup http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif



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QUOTE (AgentCooper @ Wednesday 15/06/05 05:05pm)


I love reading your posts, you don't mince words........... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon13.gif


I was at the first game (in a blues jumper) and copped heaps of flack until NSW were in front by 1 point (you could have heard a pin drop), by that time I'd had a few xxxx golds and started giving a bit of pay-back to the throngs of toads, however that was short lived and I was paid back two-fold when QLD got the golden try !


Right through the game, all I was thinking was GET KIMORLEY OFF http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif

He is hot and cold, and decided to start his cold run in game bloody one !

I agree 100% with you, Kimorley is NOT a state or Origin player.

However I would feel better if Gower or Orford was playing tonight; You could be right "there are players and there are origin players" Johns is a great player, but I feel that it is a gamble playing him so early after injury.


The principle concept of Origin is to select the Australian team, but that didn't stop Bennet from bringing Alfie back did it ! I'm just not sure if it will be the same fairytale for Johns (but I hope so).

My feeling is Orford should have been selected, but some times experience is worth more than youth.

I agree that Gower will not play Origin again, but he's a very tough player and does have talent. You can't say that NSW picked Johns on form, because Newcastle haven't one a game this year !

But on the other side of the coin it's hard to imagine Johns playing worse than Kimorley, and you have to back the judgement of Ricky Stuart.


I'm with you, I don't mind seeing NSW lose if they give it their all.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Web and Bailey clash !



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In reply to: stone pony on Wednesday 15/06/05 06:38pm

There's big money on offer for that call.

Queensland had to kick three penalty goals, and two feild goals just to stay in the game on their home turf.

Anything can happen in a game at this level, but IF IF IF johns plays well, it will be a slaughter.


In Johns we trust http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif



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Hi Fella's ....


I think Qld will win and that Carl Webb will stick it right up them!! - This fella has matured as a fearless warrior and a try earlier in the season, (for the Cowboys) had STRONG MAN written all over it !!


Go the Qld'ers !!




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In reply to: texas4qld on Wednesday 15/06/05 07:21pm

I have a lot of respect for Johns. While I would love to see NSW thrashed tonight, you have to worry that Johns would get the blame for the loss as it does seem that all of NSW expects big things from him. He's to good a player to get canned by the press et al if (when? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif ) NSW are beaten.

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HALF TIME .... QLD 12 - NSW 8


Johns looking VERY tired and QLD will know he is NOT going to 'run with the ball'.


Free kicks, look to be 7-0 to NSW ???


NSW's 1st Try saw "Minni" clearly "off side", from the 'reverse' angle. Why hasn't the Video Ref got access to this angle ??


QLD have been in front on 26 ocassions and have WON 22 wins


MMMmmm?? - TIGHT one .....


Anyone's game ...




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In reply to: texas4qld on Wednesday 15/06/05 06:39pm


I wonder why the media push aussie rules and almost totally exclude league, considering there are many people who have grown up with league now living in aussie rules states.

I agree with you that State Of Origin is one the sporting highlights each year and everyone should have a chance to see it live throughout Australia.


With the risk of being controversial there appears to have been a Cartel formed by the media outlets in those states to protect Aussie Rules from League competition.


League is clearly a much better product to watch on television, Aussie Rules needs to change some of its rules particularly rucks, throw ins & bounces they remind me of a bunch of scrappy school girls in those plays, clearly not good for TV.






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