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Hi everyone,


I trade with CommSec and am staying with them, however they do not offer SMS news alerts.


Could someone please advise me of an online broker (or alternative) that provides this service that doesn't require you to set up an everyday account as well (where there would be a $5 monthly fee). For example, St George offer SMS news alerts but from what I'm reading I think I need to open an everyday account on top of the broking account.


I'm happy to pay for the alerts in this secondary account, just not a monthly fee.



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QUOTE (kitr @ Friday 29/08/08 10:57am)

I don't know if you can ... but if you were a customer of one of the big brokerage franchises (i.e UBS, Morgans, Goldman's etc.) couldn't you just use their LA office. Pretty sure they would all have a branch in LA. Don't know if that helps ....

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In reply to: MBA on Thursday 23/10/08 06:56am


thanks kelt and mba.


i have actually proceeded with charles Schwaab. they are a robust financial, and provide a great trading platform allowing for online placement, stop losses etc. the only bitch is that the $nz has tanked and to have to fund my aacount with $us is going to cost 1/3rd more!

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UK Morgan Stanley trader fined, banned May 27, 2009 - 8:04AM

Britain's financial services regulator fined and banned a Morgan Stanley trader for putting customers at a disadvantage by pre-hedging trades without their consent - the third sanction linked to the bank in the last two weeks.

The Financial Services Authority said senior trader Nilesh Shroff used the technique, which takes advantage of customer orders to benefit a trading firm, on a number of occasions in the second half of 2007.

When clients told him to buy particular stocks, he bought those stocks for the firm first, causing the price to increase before he executed the customers' trades. If the customer order was to sell, he first sold on behalf of the firm, decreasing the price.

"(Shroff) repeatedly abused his position of responsibility as a senior trader," the FSA said in a statement, fining him STG140,000 ($A284,582).

"As an experienced trader, he would also have known that his orders were likely to disadvantage his clients," Margaret Cole, the FSA's director of enforcement, said.

"The FSA will take action against those who act without honesty and integrity and who do not follow our rules."

>> Can someone tell me if this can still happen with At Market Orders that we place online?? Something i never do but i was once told that this used to happen often in the past? Cheers V1

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W: Been with the same brokerage for nearly 25 years, its all about loyalty.


Unfortunately most good individual brokers within some agencies will not take

you on as a client unless you have around $500K to invest initially, the

compliance and back room costs are enormous these days, but in the

end its as simple as this: You get what you pay for

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