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In reply to: cooma on Tuesday 22/01/08 05:41pm

If you like Sanford then move across to NabOnline for the same everything including the same operators (Sanford). And the best part - No CommSec.



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In reply to: ShareScene.com on Tuesday 22/01/08 06:14pm

I placed an order yesterday, which was not filled immediately, on Sanford. I was watching the stock go lower, and placed a cancellation. The cancellation did not take effect, even though the buy order had not been filled.


Frustratingly, the order was filled at the higher price, twenty minutes after the buy order was placed. (There was a significant difference in the price by this time.)


I can't complain, as if things had been in the normal order of things, I would have been filled in no time at the price I asked.


However, I would have thought that if the price had dropped by the time they got to my order, that they would have bought it at market.


Anyway, I got filled , and then recieved a notice that my cancellation request had been rejected.


I guess days like yesterday are days when the full service broker pays their way. Ther's always going to be delays onthese days.


Finally, I have to say that apart from one other day when there was some mad scrambling in the market, I have been with Sanford since they started and have been very happy. Not too thrilled about the move to Commsec, but nothing to do about that. I will see how that goes.

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In reply to: stoker on Wednesday 23/01/08 06:57am


Well I can report that MacQuarie Direct trade is down for the count this morning

Unable to place any orders or even see portfolio values


E Trade was available but now will not even give a quote


Market now open for 20 minutes as I type



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In reply to: focus on Wednesday 23/01/08 09:26am

E-trade seems to be up and down - lumpy as all hell on my end this morning! DL

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