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In reply to: Danville on Tuesday 22/01/08 01:13pm

No log-in or performance issues to report on NAB. Had a brief period in first 30 min of market where system slowed fractionally.... took 4 seconds to obtain quote/market depth or retrieve watchlists rather than the usual 1 second. Other than that everything normal.


I have not placed any orders, buy or sell today so cant comment on that aspect.

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I will mention Netweath, I no longer trade with netweath (didn't like platform) since moving to commsec, I still have an account however, and have always been able to logon when comsec has been down.


Logged on today to netwealth and was able to get up to date datafeed for my watchlists, again like the ferret I didn't do any trades so cant comment on that.


As a side issue I think netwealth is the cheapest online broker at 17.95/trade if memory serves me correct




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I didn't actually trade with Westpac this morning, but had a skim through out of curiosity and all seemed ok.


IG markets were a little slow. I only did the one equities trade and the price moved away from me in the few seconds it took for acknowledgement so it didn't go through. As it happened I got a better price on my second attempt. XJO was ok.




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CMC have recently taken over Andrew West. Is anyone out there with experience with AW>


I have both CMC and Sanford Accs and as Comsec takes over Sanford from monday I am madly trying to find the ideal broker before then.


Sanford have been great for the last 8 years of dealing so any suggestions ?

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In reply to: MISTERTURTLE on Tuesday 22/01/08 06:23pm

Thanks very much Mister T. Just seen the news and Comsec gets a mention for crashing again today.

Welcome to SS with your first post.

My CMC adviser has rung me in the meantime to sing AW's praises so I will give them a go.

Cheers, Cooma

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