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I used to trade through HSBC and found their service great but unfortunately, they sold to ETrade a number of years back. HSBC are rumoured to be going back into the stock broking game. They were not permitted to re-enter under the terms when they sold their existing business to ETrade but the time limit is almost up. Keep an eye out for possible news around April.
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yes :)

I've been beta-testing it since last November - at that stage, you'd probably have called it "Alpha-Testing"


It combines the strengths of both of webIRESS (watchlists, depth, course of trades) and MA Pro (charts, analyser, trading system, backtesting). As I'm only testing "my" aspects of it, i.e. run it the way I would trade with it, I cannot comment on the entire spectrum; but from what I can tell, and what I've seen in recent InvestorSignal webinars, it's awesome.


I'm impressed!

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As I've upgraded to the latest build, here are a couple of screenshots:

Analyser results (matching those I got earlier from MA 6)

Please note, this is no "Standard" scan, but a "Trinity" extension script I've written myself; they run unchanged in Analyser and Charts



... and, trawling through the list, IDL's chart




Two small differences, if you're used to the Market Analyser:

  1. share prices are now quoted in cents instead of Dollars
  2. scans and system backtests are running on your local computer
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The latest build--MA7?


Am somewhat confused over this since MDS with whom I speak 2/3 times a week as I trade have never mentioned anything about this, so how is it being discussed/used without very long standing MDS customers at least being informed, so I have a number of questions:


1. If we had the misfortune to have to wipe MA6 due to a PC malfunction, without having saved MA6, would any reconstitution automatically upgade to MA7 whether I wanted it or not?


2. What if I dont want ever more bells and whistles and am happy with MA6 and I have a PC malfunction?


3. What about charges for "MA7"--do the same arrangements as we have today hold?


4. Brokerage charges--any change?


6. Is MA7 now the new/only defined alternative?


7. Can MA6 run in tandem with MA7 or do we all have to upgrade?


8. Stability---MA6 is now a rock solid reliable platform, those of us who are long term users remember the early days of upgrades.


9. If I am happy with MA6 and don't require something new that takes ages to adjust to, am I entitled to ask MDS for a loadable disc of my current build MA6 that will continue working in spite of MA7 being the new live platform.?


10. In the absence of any detailed info ex MDS--what are the touted "new features" and how do they make my life "EASIER"?


11. Why haven't all current MA users been sent the video?

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Hey flower,


I suggest you sign up for the Newsletter and take an active interest. It's been talked about on the website for months.

Didn't you read http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/displ...;idsId=01247743 ?

It was announced on November 30th, and the weekly Trader Dealer Newsletter has regularly commented on the development.

But maybe you did hear about the code name Cairo.


So, why do you complain here? This is neither the appropriate Forum nor website for any of the questions you ask.

As far as I'm aware, MA Pro is still being supported; whether for months or years, I don't know. And frankly, I don't care either. In IT, nothing stands still; no company can afford to maintain legacy apps indefinitely. That would mean they'd stay in the Stone Age forever. Upgrade or be left behind.

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So, why do you complain here? This is neither the appropriate Forum nor website for any of the questions you ask


arty, am not complaining, merely seeking answers to obvious questions. I dont bother to read all the newsletters/promotions/gizzmos/apps and God knows what else that come flooding in, and Cairo to me is in the Middle East.


I assumed that for some reason I had wiped, or not read, any direct communications from MDS, but obviously there were none, and since you are in posession of all the facts, easier to ask you, couldn't find any other specefic MDS thread, apologies for bothering you, will contact MDS direct.


btw: MA6 is sufficient for my needs since I don't intend to become an IT buff :excl:

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