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Commonwealth Securities, Commsec


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Working again here. I still prefer ProTrader 1 to the newer PT2 which I've uninstalled.


CommSec told me that they are going to delay the shutting down of their PT1 servers due to demand, and the slower-than-expected take-up of ProTrader 2.


Many on HC and other forums are of similar opinions - they hate PT2 and have gone back to PT1.


Perhaps the slowness of the PT servers is due to diversion of resources to PT2 servers, but most serious traders are still using PT1.



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Been with Commsec for nearly 6 years.


In that time whenever the masses go into sell mode like this morning, Commsec servers overload and you will only get through on the phone when all the depth at your desired sell price has vanished.


That's the downside to online trading I guess.



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Yes back up again, thanks. I thought I'd caught a virus/spy program that was trying to get me to repeat my password.


Generally happy with the original Protrader format, but find the phone line to commsec a dog- wait is always long, and voicebroker rarely picks the right stock of my request.


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