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nOte that ESI did a share placement to do exploration.

I would think that they must be thinking of getting a partner .

Or maybe just trying to keep their butts off chairs because nothing is happening with the coldry plant.


Personally, I think they should be trying to get some income....and not from shareholders.

sounds like INL



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Hi rozz;

I'm not a chicken: no need to cross the road :happy:


but yes, I'm banking on the long-term success of this baby. Check out the saucer/ cup&handle on the Weekly.

Current resistance is somewhere in the mid-3's, between 3.4 and 3.9; when that is broken, depending on where exactly the resistance turns out to be, the upside target could easily be North of 7c.

I can wait a few weeks or months - "as long as it takes"


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still in, Rozz :unsure: but only just.

the 1-year EMA (yellow line) is often support - or resistance as the case may be.

It looks as if buyers are coming back in today. 1.7c is my trailing stop.


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