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hi opeth..


i've been really well, plus keeping out of trouble.


which is pretty rare for me.. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif


whilst i've seen couple of negative postings, i've also seen some very keen investors taking some good positons on this stock..


and believe me they wouldn't go near anything that wasn't worth it.


them buying this share is a very strong recommendation.


no doubt they must feel very happy with the way things are going..


so hang in, the good times aren't far away...



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hi guys..


posted this on h/c


(cau) still have plenty of work ahead in the area of insoluble collagen, plus further R&D on the soluble collagen.


no doubt they (cau) have some good advantages over there competitors who produce collagen mostly from cow and pig skins.


this aussie company could take on most of the current world producers of collagen, with it's unique method of producing an alternative collagen product from sheep skins..


plus open up other doors that have been closed due to health and religious issues..


should things fall into place over the next 1-4years, (cau) could be a market leader in insoluble and soluble collagen markets.


which would have a huge effect on it's share price.


at this present level i feel more than comfortable accumulating over a period of time. most of which will be going into my superfund.


one might look back in 4-5years time and say i bought shares around 14cents..(now well over $1.00)


colltech have plenty of good reading material on their website www.colltech.com.au




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hi opeth


lets hope (cau) can get some sales in this area. when they are up and running...


.."just a reminder, (cau) is still considered very high risk and speculative.""




Biotech products boost Taiwan Salt profits


TAICHUNG, Taiwan, The China Post Staff

The state-run Taiwan Salt Industrial Corp. posted a 75 percent growth in net profits in the first six months

of year thanks to its newly launched biotech production line, company officials said yesterday.

Taiwan Salt's sales from January to June totaled NT$1.97 billion, up 31 percent from NT$1.5 billion for

the same period last year, the officials said.

The company's net profits in the first half of the year amounted to NT$662 million, compared with

NT$337 million for the same period last year.

The officials said their popular collagen skincare brand "Lu-Miel" launched last year has now become the

primary source of the company's earnings, though its traditional salt products still remain a major source

of income.

Taiwan Salt also launched a new "Antop" skincare collection for men earlier this month, which the

company predicted would bring in an extra NT$100 million in sales in the second half of this year.

Market analysts predicted that Taiwan Salt's profits for the second half would surpass that of the first half

owing to seasonal demand, with the earnings per share for the whole year expected to reach N$5.

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