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Only got it on Friday.

Spent most of today setting up.

Need to get out from town before I can test it out, then head to beach over the next few weeks with my brother in law to give it a whirl,

Biggest issue is getting a reel that has sufficient capacity to be able to take advantage of the distances the beast can take the line out.

Even using braid, most of them are limited to 500 or 600 metres.

Then you have the issue of having to wind the line back in.

May look at a bloody big reel attached to a battery and winch!

My father in law had a dairy farm down near corner inlet on Wilsons promontory.

He used to put his boat out from the back of the farm onto the beach with his tractor.

We pulled out so many King george whiting I was concerned we would fish it out!

Still my favourite fish feed.



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haha... might be tough to feel a bite with that much line out too ?


Am interested in how it goes as I thought how it could be real good for a couple of situations. Going for mulloway in the Murray Mouth, lots of guys go right out in the surf up to their chestsbut Im too old for that and one guy drowned there a few years ago. There are a few cliffs I know where you have to climb down onto a ledge to cast, but it is then

difficult to cast as you have the cliff wall behind you, there are large mulloway in the waters below

yep whiting are my favourite, we will be eating well for a few months.... good luck with the trials !


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and huge intersections from Emmerson at Tennant Creek

  • RC drill hole HERC003 at the 100% owned Hermitage Project intersects continuous mineralisation of 117m at 3.38% copper from 75m including: 30m at 7.26% copper and 2.69g/t gold from 162m including 3m @ 14.91g/t gold and 4.24% copper to end of hole
  • Drill hole abandoned in mineralisation at 192m and will be continued with a diamond tail in 2022
  • RC hole HERC002 intersected:  18m at 1.40% copper and 0.23% cobalt from 117m; and, 24m at 4.2g/t gold from 159m including 3m at 17.61g/t gold and 0.46% bismuth from 162m  
  • Assays pending for drill hole HERC004, and for gold in native copper zone in HERC003 

Today, up from 7.5c to 17c, getting to 22c during the excitement



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