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Hi alonso.


I do not believe it is running ahead of itself, it is all there for


everyone to see, as I have stated before, the order book was


already full for the next two years, and with the six contract


wins already and the $2 million S.Aust & Fed Gov grant, which


will cover all the costs for the construction, and all the equipment


as in welding fabricating everything needed to construct the wind


turbines & towers, they are in the box seat, and not to mention


the $10 Million contract with bhp, santos and the building of the


destroyers, which is a continual contracts.


If you read the quarterly, and on that statement alone, you can see


why the s/p is still rising, as they state they will beat the previous


corresponding period significantly, just on the corresponding period


it works out at 18.5 Cents p/s npat, but they did pay $10 Million of


debt off, so I can see a f/f divvy of roughly 4cents, and in the next few


months I can see the s/p going to about 80 cents, and after that heading


towards $1 before the f/f divvy in the second half, if you noticed today L


the market is finally waking up, 11% up.


Regarding GUF if you have read the ann regarding the shares for


chairmen ! this is a positive, and I will be voting for it, they will or


should I say start mining very shortly, I purchased more yesterday.


I am glad you got on board EAL will reward you very well indeed.





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I have been quietly buying EAL and agree with the comments made by Simmo.



Pretty much sums up where I feel the SP and dividend will go.



Looking back they were at $1.30 and with order book, op cashflows and potential dividend increase see them moving back over the $1 mark.


Definitely worth watching

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And just in case the last post seemed like a ramp. Which I hope wasn't the case. Also keep an eye out this year for TFC.


This has been on a slippery slope for 2 years but they are due to harvest this year and I believe they are due for a rerate.


I see both these stocks as steady climbers this year and entry price not expensive.

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Confirmation today that this year;s half yearly result will be strong based on increased revenue and a full order book.


I recall watching (and not investing) in Austin Engineering. Hopefully we are going to see a build up in the share price now.


Up 6 cents today.

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EAL reports 86% lift in profit and increased dividend in record


half year


Net profit after tax of $4.1 million up 86%


Record Operating Cash Flow from operations of $4.7 million, after


payment of interest and tax.


EBIT of $7.1 million up 48%, generating operating cash flow of $7.1


million before payment of interest and tax.


Total revenue of $97.5 million, up 25%


Dividend increased 25% to 2.5 cents fully franked


Borrowing costs and net debt levels reduced


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Might that already be factored in?

The recent rise, price almost doubled in a month, goes a long way to confirm that the Market had "an inkling".



Great news for holders though.

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Hi Arty.



Even if the share has doubled in the last month, the fully franked divvy on


the current s/p is a tad over a 9.0% Yield not bad at all, one of the best going around


if you take the 2.5% discount being offered by the company on top of that, being the


Five day vwap after the record date, what a bonus, you only have to look at some


of the other companies paying comparable divvies, and you can see what I mean.


I just hope some s/hs keep selling because I love a bargain.


On top of that the forward looking statement is great, you only have to read the


last half a dozen ann to the ASX.


I rang the company tuesday and spoke with the company secretary Mr mark Seatree


and asked him if they were going to do any brokerage presentations, his reply was they


have spoken to brokerage houses and will be doing presentations to a couple of them in a


few weeks, and do not be surprised if the company wins more contracts very soon.


I say they are a buy, and undervalued, but please do your own research.





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