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As i said 3 days ago - be carefull - I still rhink more bad news and lower levels any buying under $48-46 is bargin in this climate and sell low $50's keep doing this for the next 2 weeks and you will do well.


This wave up and down will last for months

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Thanks bro, but I got in at $46 with $55 as a target & i'll wait it out.


Today's volume is much lower than the last 2 days with most trading nearer the day's highs. I am still bullish /shrug


$48.50 has the moving averages so that would be another potential bounce point "if" markets are down "big" tonight & early next week.


I thought the AGM meeting made it clear that MQG's profits are not affected by U.S sub prime loans?


The market is currently throwing out the baby with the bathwater.


The P/E ratio & yield on this stock is ridiculous.


It's only a matter of time until this stock moves up "big" & "quickly".



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Tinkus was spot on. People trading warrants have had numerous an opportunity to make 20-30% profit per day trading on this one. Charts say $55 on Monday, 2 weeks after my estimates. $66 is more likely than $49.50 on this stock. Trend break to the upside. MQG a winner for short term traders & long term traders alike(long).


MQG is like a machine, growth, year after year.


Sometimes people lose percentage of profits!!!! so their share price must fall from $90 to $50.


Every Company that increases profits 10 years in a row must halve in value when fannie & freddie experience difficulties with home loan borrowers.


MQG have no money invested with fannie or freddie only long term performers who outperform yearly.


Macquarie group the only Bullish commodity forecasters 5 years ago amongst the majors.


I have yet to see one MQG writedown.


It will be very difficuly for MQG to increase profits yet again for another year BUT,,


They are a hell of a lot cheaper now then 1 year ago (see the chart) & even further away from all time highs & why??


Bank's have underperformed lately in general . MQG is like a bank so people just bash the price down as if it was common scum?


P/E & Yield say's this company is the worst of the worst..


Unemployable can't get a job http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif


If profit's increase again this year then $100+ per share is a very real possibility over the next 12 months.


Why not???


A P/E of 16 at $100 per share & yield of 4% If!!!! MQG equal last years profits.


A 20% drop in profits for MQG year on year values this company at $75.


Oversold at $60 long term investors are buying in the $50 range.


5 year charts are devastating on anybody short this company.


Charts say up big time.


IMHO long term investors should get in now under $60 very heavy.











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I got in at bout $58 cum dividend. Wish I worked that bit earlier and maybe got it at ~$55.


But with a $2 divi, it means I actually paid $56, and still got a $1 franking credit. So still works out I got in at ~$55....


I'm sure I'll look back in 3 years, and wonder why I didn't grab more at these values.


But the fact that MQG themselves are re-evaluating their model doesn't build upwards momentum, the dividend and yearly report will tell the truths.


Time will tell on this one........

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I'm back into MQG today.


The price has has hit the bottom of the bollinger band & I am hoping it will all be up from here. Maybe one more fall tommorow?

No guts no glory eh?


A close above $50 tommorow would be just magic . Fingers crossed on a fall in oil tonight & big move up on the dow.



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