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Hey Mistagear,


Always good to make a profit, In the coming weeks there will be a press conference with US GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL`s regarding


some type of finanical help to construct MHM METALS CORPORATION first plant in the US, this will make major headlines here and


in the US and no chart can tell you when it is coming so good luck with your trading by the charts and who knows what else as MHM


always seems to surprise with their ann`s and the monthly update is only a couple of weeks away as well,all the best you seem to have


a system that works so keep on keeping on ....but for me this is a long term hold and retire at 40 within the next few years.


Luck to Holders


Cheers Radd. :biggrin:

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Pretty good of the directors to do this with the up coming options if share holders approve: :biggrin:




5.5 Listing Rule Disclosure Requirements




(e) If approved, the Options will be granted on the next business day following the meeting;

(f) The exercise price of the Options will be 70% above the weighted average trading price of Shares on ASX during the 5 day trading period immediately before the date on which the Options are granted.

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For sure MME and no doubt knowing {if all went well with final discussions of course regarding contracts} what was in the pipeline,


for any doubters surely this shows that the directors do NOT look at MHM as their cash cow at the expecne of shareholders......

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Again fair comments. All I say is to be mindful of further upcoming news prior to the AGM and again prior to mid December (this will be the biggy unless of course it comes in for the AGM on the 29th of this month).


I assuming a t/o from March onwards next year if all goes to plan. My thoughts only. :biggrin:

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Thanks for alerting me re- eminent news, because of that I held half my position into the close Monday but sold that yesterday. Just been filled to buy that portion back.

My plan is to buy the other half back cheaper to allow me to add a few more (method as described earlier post) however I do retain a buy stop order to put me back into that portion should price take off.

I know I have been saying this for about 12mths, this stock is poorly supported due to the volumes being on the highs rather than at the lows. I can not reconcile your comments re- "the promising future of this company" when there is very little evidence of big money support.

Anyhow, it's likely to get a demand spike on news and I will attempt to sell into that.

Good luck to those looking for bigger things from this stock, hope it does eventuate for you.

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