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Hey MME,


Have just been re-reading some of MHM`s ann`s and the one piece of news that caught my eye was in the AGM presentation in Nov 2009:




"Salt Slag has been classified as hazardous waste in most countries of Europe.

MHM has had a number of discussions with a MAJOR European secondary Aluminium producer

in relation to the opportunity of entering the European market.

The European secondary Aluminium producer will also introduce further expansion opportunities to MHM."


I would imagine whoever this is, they would also be sitting on the sidelines {for now} to see how MHM`s FIRST plant upgrade goes .


So many iron`s in the fire for this slowly getting noticed company I just can`t see how it can fail.


Cheers Radd. :biggrin:

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Yep apparently there's an article in the Mercury today about MHM so I'll try and source a Copy and post anything of relevance. Big week coming up RADD!! :biggrin:


P.S. Might have to re visit my previous bauxite stock on what you posted earlier! :biggrin:

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Sounds good mate, I have been searching for the article today but can`t find it online, were going to PM you to see


if you could track down a hard copy but seem`s your onto it already :laugh: wouldn`t expect any less.


Yes as has been mentioned elsewhere it looked like the brakes were taken off late on Friday was watching


the last hour on my i-phone ,nowhere as good as WebIRESS but made me happy while I was at work,


are also expecting a good week again for MHM ,plenty of news to come very very soon {all good I hope lol}.


Cheers Radd. :biggrin:

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Thanks for trying anyways MME, something I have just noticed on the Geelong council website is that MHM`s brine pond Application


has been moved to the "advertising has been completed" section as last week when I contacted the council they said it was still


being advertised ,nothing major I know but is moving along in the council process none the less.


Cheers Radd. :biggrin:

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From the other site:


"Toxic site solutions"

"Tassie idea could prevent disasters"

by Helen Kempton

A Tasmanian resources company has developed technology which could prevent a repeat of the toxic spill that has left a trail of human and environmental destruction in Europe.

A state of emergency has been declared in Hungary where toxic waste from an aluminium plant has left a trail of human and enviriomental destruction.

The caustic muck flooded three west Hungarian villages about 170km from Budapest before being carried by local waterways into Europe's second longest river, the Danube.

The sludge spilled from a ruptured reservior at the Ajkai Timfoldgyar Zrt plant.

In Australia, waste left over after scrap aluminium is re-melted with a mixture of salt and potash has traditionally been stored in landfill, not reservoirs.

But new environmental laws banning the practice, mean the industry has had to find a new solution to its waste problem.


Tasmanian resources company Macquarie Harbour Mining has set up a venture, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Alreco, to process all the aluminium waste produced by Alcoa in Australia and the company is looking to process the tonnes of waste already stored in landfill in both Australia and overseas.


MHM bought Sims metals' aluminium slag processing facility in Geelong in Victoria in January for $3 million.


The company has since spent $2 million upgrading the technology to produce a closed-loop plant.


MHM, which has a silica operation at Cape Sorell and Marrawah and is exploring for other metals around Tasmania, is also talking to US aluminium processors about waste recovery contracts.


MHM's technology- called ALNAK- seperates the slag left over into individual components of aluminium metal, aluminium oxide and a salt and potassium chloride blend.


The first Australian waste site which will be processed contains 160,000 tonnes of slag and there are eight landfills in the US which Alreco sees as immediate targets.


The US produces one million tonnes of slag a year compared to the 25,000 tonnes produced in Australia.


There are also expansion opportunities in Europe and South Africa.


The company says the new waste technology could also be the cornerstone to aluminium becomming the ultimate recyclable packaging and Alcoa is already pushing for an increase in aluminium recycling.

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Thanks for that MME,


And now a Trading halt regarding an announcement of a legal agreement concerning the expansion


of the companys aluminium division into the United States.




This is what we have been waiting for .


Luck to holders


Cheers Radd :biggrin::biggrin:

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LOL!!!, and maybe see the local GP to get some Valium to calm down a bit {I know my hearts pumping lol}


Mate, no matter what is in the agreement this just confirms to all of us that MHM is a straight talker and follows


through with whatever it says it is going to, OK {deep breaths lol}, To me this also confirms that MHM`s plant


in Moolap is also a winner as why would we be signing agreements in the US if the plant didn`t work properly??!!


Cheers Radd. :biggrin:

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