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i think it would be hovering around this level $7.40-$7.80

coz the dividend should keep some investors interested.

And with other major projects in the pipleline i dont think

$5 will be seen anytime soon. However if over reaction does occur

i do see around the $6.70 marks possible but that should be it.



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Any stock is going to drop on news that is unpleasing tiolet. Why would Leighton be more of a chance to have unpleasant news in the pipleine than any other top flght stocks?


BTW is toilet pronounced as in "dunny" or is it a French type pronunciation .... twalay?

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yes but then do i expect it to dtop to $6 on the verge of no other news??

that is the point im trying to make .


lei has more projects that are going good than bad .


and i think the reason why these 2 projects has failed is

because the projects grew faster than mangement could handle.


and everything is IMO.


short term problems are opportunities to buy into

good business.

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I have bought 50k for a quick trade at prices between $7.72-$7.74. Happy with a 20c profit on this one, then it should slide all the way to the low $5's imo.


Hows things cable guy?

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I think you are all terribly wrong here....LEI is heading for $9


too much going for this huge conglomerate to expect anything less...!


nice divvy too...


and yes I do have a few that I picked up at 7.70 and will hold to atleast $9


just a big over reaction by some stupid nervous idiots

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