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IN REPLY TO A POST BY topic-starter, Tue 16/03/04 04:12pm



ASX Announcement - Tue 16th March


LEI 3:02 PM ! Thiess awarded major Coal Contract for Hunter Valley Coal


$227M contract by Xstrata Plc (subsidiary Hunter Valley Coal Corp) to operate the Ravensworth East Mine - min 3 years (up to 10 years)

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I reckon its going closer to $5 before we will see a sustained turn around. However there is a chance for a quick profit around this level.
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Jay I think it's a one off. The profit downgrade is due to a stuff up.


With regards to comments such as "modest improvement next year", I think the market would have factored that in. So you have to analyse if the drop in the SP is fair for the one-off event.


Looks like a fair punt to me.

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It will have a reasonable bounce Harvey, but then head lower. I still reckon a low around $5 will pull it up though.
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recovered now slightly to 7.75 only down 15c, pretty heavy volume over $65m value gone through.


I recken around $6-$6.50 should be bottom


Just been doing some reading on LEI and looks pretty good, great diversification, got $500m in cash.

$12,800,000,000 on work in hand.(impressive ha http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif )


Book value is $3(not bad)


$2.2B Assets

$1.4B Liabilities (could be lower)


BBB+ credit rating (could be better)


And a nice divvy of 5%(today price)


Id say a buy, but chart says sell.



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i never thought of it that way.


Actually id say HOLD, if i was a broker.


If someone owned it is say hold.


If someone said should i buy some, id say wait, it might retrace more if u like it.


So HOLD for me.(for now)



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