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In reply to: WestWolf on Saturday 16/08/08 12:49am

what a crock, if everyone just ran their business on the principle of " Oh well it didnt work lets just take what we can" then no one would ever make any money.


this mob had opportunities to really make some serious cash but couldnt get the deal done! they have to accept some of the blame and should return our cash asap not stuff us aroud for a possible dividend!

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yes, he has done a sterling job for himself, stretching payment out over 2 years


its what i would do if i could get away with it, because 2 years free salary doing nothing

is pretty easy living

my $2000 investment @ 13cents is looking pretty bad, i wont be retiring on this one

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Well must say made some nice moolah on chrome corp in the past. Wonder what opportunities the new direction will bring? V1

Chrome takes a shine WHILE on the subject of gold, there was an interesting announcement from Chrome Corp (CCI) that, having sold its South African chromite interests, it is buying an unlisted public company that has 4000sqkm prospective for gold in three Papua New Guinea provinces. The people behind Pacific Nuigini Minerals are those who ran the former gold play Abelle before it was taken out by South Africa's Harmony Gold.

Apart from the fact that Peter Cook, the former Abelle MD and now the key man at tin miner Metals X (MLX), is joining the CCI board, the deal also brings in PNG geologist David Osikore and PNG resources player Bill Searson. The important thing is that both these men know which doors to knock on in Port Moresby.

Our man in the PNG capital tells us that government forecasts are for the country's gold production to increase 25 per cent this year to a record 82 tonnes.





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Company Announcements Office

Australian Stock Exchange Ltd



30th November 2009

Change of Name and Head Office/Registered Address. 1. Change of Name.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Company held in Perth on 26thNovember it was resolved to change the Company name from Chrome Corporation Ltd to Pacific Niugini Ltd.


This name change has now been registered by ASIC and ASX will be making the change

effective on Wednesday 2ndDecember 2009.

The new company ASX code will be PNR. 2. Head Office and Registered Address Change.

With effect from 2ndDecember 2009 the head office and registered address of the company has been changed from:


150 Hay Street Subiaco, WA 6008




14/46 Douglas Street, Milton, Qld 4064.


New phone number, fax number and postal address as set out below.

D J Lovell

Company Secretary

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so what the latest on PNR around the traps now as l see this week it hit .25. I bought in at .22 so l wont be retiring on this either.Might get rid of it once and for all or is there something l am missing on this one?
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