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Yep agreed but there would be no reason for him to remain on the payroll would there ?

Oh how I'd love to see the details of any contract he drew up for himself , wooopsies I mean the contract bcc drew up .

Not that it will matter if tomorrow is the death bell and I can't see how they can remain solvent especially with CIRI and now a dud spud .

There has been some interesting changing of wording in the CIRI case UT do u know if your mate Koala is still on the case ?

I know one or 2 others are investigating but I haven't followed it closely to really form a view .

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GG I have dropped him a line this morning.


Yes this CIRI issue at face value seems to have gone from something that supposedly was a minor royalty issue to a significant portion of production based on the last article I read. What I would like to know in all of this where do the DNR approvals reside as while BCC certainly has an obligation to stick to what is considered to be their leases DNR did all the approving of all the permits. Did we just ignore something and recklessly drill against DNR wishes cant see that being allowed without being punished way before now or is DNR just as at fault here allowing something they shouldn't have. Who the f knows with this mob!


Will be interesting to see if we are suspended today. Frankly while I don't hold out much hope for existing holders getting their money back I can't see Meridian pulling the rug just yet as given the current issues and other owings Meridian will be lucky to get their loan money back and can kiss goodbye to their equity investment.


As much as I hate it the only real chance for this companies existing shareholders is for them to sell KL after the CIRI issue is put to bed and pay out all their other debts. Plus get a partner for offshore where we retain possibly 20 or 30% free carried for the first few wells. Love to have a better option. If this is the option then we need to cut overheads drastically right now drain our management of the parasites and reduce our on ground prescence.

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Had to copy my last post from over the rd just for u spats :biggrin:




Sorry about the format as my copy and paste just don't work so well on these releases and my broker is slow to get the release .


Can only guess but to me it means Meridian isn't going to throw them a life line .


For goodness sake management do a freakin deal with CIRI and the others and sell whatever is not bolted down , including spat's coffee machine , Burtons fleet of cars ,Off shore Texas etc etc . Get rid of half the management team and tell everyone else take 3 cents in the dollar for what we owe u or u will get nufffffffin .



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Thatnks for that GG, bet there all worked up to a frenzy now.. But thats it now, all over red rover.


$60+ mill in debt and no white knight this time round, nothing to sell physically, or to the market.


Those that would rather get nothing for their investment will now have their wish granted, and will be put out of the miseries.


Reading the inlketkeepers blog, their seems to be postage being sent back from that Houston address.. Wonder if that "move" was a red herring/delay mechanism for those wanting to get in touch with BCC management. Its an excuse that wont stick unfortunately..


Cant see this ever relisting now, CTN dumping their last morcel just before the TH? Hmm, okay, will just put it down to good timing I suppose.


Just an opinion of course.


Regards to all,



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I reckon ctn got it right or lucky in the final dump but note also they were net sellers since 21/10/13 .They were net buyers up until 17/10 and that was in the middle of when the crap started to hit the fan .


It would be interesting to calculate their losses but who gives a rats .


I would really like to hear a view from the pump and dump brigade like Davo , tracker2, toono etc now ?

I'm sure they can find a positive in the PDP'S or the blah blah blahs and the valuations based on some other obscure company .

Interesting how quiet they have become of late . .


Speaking of which I better shut my mouth up and focus on making a buck .


SS put up some interesting pics on K i N over the rd but there is stuff all depth in the stock and for traders just not worth taking a punt in the short term .

Bcc always had good liquidity but was a pig with gapping from obscure announcements . I got caught in the one a year or 2 back and gave up near all my profit .



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"Can anyone explain to me in lay mans terms what happened to cause the sp to fall from around 7 cents a few months ago to the the debacle we find ourselves in today. It will help me greatly when I have to break the news to you know who when she asks " what happened"


Stuff me drunk , I forgot one of the reasons why I left over the rd . Noddy noddy and noddy just don't add up to shareholders who are willing to do some research and then many want to turn around and attack the very members that have tried to save them from losses .

One more noddy and I'm out .



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