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Mate- wasn't his only trade in BCC.


At the time probably the right call.


If ticks boxes he'd be back - done that.


If you don't like him fair enough - but because he sold at a particular time - Not really good enough.


Everyone hated the negativity -why can't he be positive - well he bought shares & suggests a rumor & would be happy to sell 15+ - Thats positive.


Then he suggests a rumor & you don't want to know because it's him. Come on


I would be even interested to know if he has had a chat to Wallave - I know he respects his opinion & now Wallave suggests possible news as well.


Melua - Is it the JV partnership - That was unheard of until the Preso?

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Show me an investor/trader who has a 100% strike rate on successful plays and I'll show you a liar. To pick on one trade that went the wrong way shows a complete lack of understanding of how financial investing works. A low act brixham.

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I also do not share the view by a poster that I can sell for 16c on Thursday/Friday. Nothing is certain. What if they announce a 1/1 non-renounceable rights issue at 8c together with a placement to sophs? That will scuttle any short term gains. What will AIDEA require from BCC in terms of finance ie. How much are BCC required to tip into KOV?
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The problem for the ramping pirates is that they just don't seem to be able to grasp the fundamentals of valuing oil and gas companies.

BCC is not a producer of any note. They dribble out a bit of oil from Lee County but it's highly unstable. Their gas production from Pompano is also not a material amount.

Therefore, the market will not value the unproven leases at much above zero. BCC is not unique to this situation. Many companies are experiencing the same dilemma. Until the pirates understand this, they will continue to be disappointed and "surprised" at the under-performance of the stock.

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Have a read of this tripe from Autosime:



In all the excitement of how much the price will go up today, will it continue tomorrow, will it get to 15 , 17 20 etc we are all missing the key point that based on 2 p reserves alone and even incorporating production handy started the company should be valued at at least 3 times today's shareprice and more once production starts. Normally oil stocks are Valued at a risked value ie assets x chance of success x value of assets. If we were to apply that methodology today we would get a value somewhere in the 50s.

Today's Aidea Ann in my view is equiv to an announcement of a 13 million barrel discovery as it confirms the southern cross will be drilled and BCC revenue will start flowing at a level that's hard to imagine"


A value somewhere in the 50's??? That's a $350M market cap fully diluted. Who is autosime kidding? Maybe when BCC are earning circa $40M net profit per annum but not now. See, that's the problem for the pirates. They just don't get it. Possibly because they only follow/hold ONE stock and therefore have no broad knowledge/experience of the oil and gas sector and how it's valued. Some amateurs will get caught up in the hype and rubbish valuations just like they did in late 2009 with this stock.

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Looks like opening at around 13c at the moment, but the real action won't occur until a few minutes before the opening bell.

A lot of buy bids will be holding back, as well as the sellers considering pulling their sell bids.


I think the broker presentations would have pushed the share price to 12-13c on there own by monday.

The KOV agreement will add more cents. How many more cents will depend on the exact nature of the announcement.

Also there are a lot of Daytraders in the stock so todays volumes will encourage more daytraders, pushing up the price further. I think we are in for an exciting days trading. A lot depends on the exact nature of the KOV agreement, and how many daytraders are attracted to the stock, as to how high (or low) this goes today...

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