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Theon: "Would be good if they got hold of a frac crew, drilled a lateral in the Eagle Ford Shale, and fracced the heck out of it using the 20,000 barrels of water pumped out of Vic#1!"

LOL. Someone has no idea what fraccing fluids are used. Water??? Yeah right. Try hydrochloric acid for a start. These pirates have no idea of even the basics in oil and gas exploration.

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The stock price is in the toilet because of many reasons, however, the biggest reason IMO is the failure of Lee County to live up to the HYPE the company broadcast in late 2009. Springtree only exaggerated the falls. Dean and Curtis need to learn NOT to over-promise in future. Say nothing about what Alaska may bring in oil and gas. Let the results do the talking.


Strange also how the pirates all say they are long term investors in BCC but they seem to watch every 0.001c movement in share price. If they were long term, why don't they post very little, like the astute "wallave". I respect that guy. He's bullish without rose-coloured glasses. Most of the pirates are just rampers and if this gets to 10c, watch them all dump it.

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Dis: "On the plus side, Project X / Kenai Loop looks amazingly good

- pay back in 3 to 6 months"


Until you drill it, you've got nothing.

Vick 1 was step out to a well that flowed years ago. Supposed low risk PUD. Vick 1 flowed water!

This is oil and gas. Things often go wrong.

Until you drill it, you've got nothing.

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