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Hi all.



Well we are not that far away, from becoming one of the cheapest Gold producers, on the ASX


After BDR made their presentation yesterday, it seems the big boys are buying up this morning,


the shares are up nearly 11%, what a great story. :king:


The Presentation is pasted below for everybody to read









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Been looking at the charts of a range of Gold stocks. Quite are few appear technically weak:until today,BDR looked better than most. So,sold my holding at 0.895 (purchased a month or two ago at 0.77,so enough profit so sit towards the front of the plane next Euro trip).

The POG in AUD also seems to have broken down recently.It may be a testing time for GoldBugs.Of course, Gold may rebound tonight or some other time:one can always buy in again.

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I know you follow the technicals more Wren.


But i'm holding this one (overweight) awaiting imminent start of production from its gold mine in Brazil. And upgrade to resources from a satellite deposit.


It ran up a bit against golds downward trend last week due to a significant announcement, planning for mining of the above mentioned nearby deposit, where the drilling intersections are so good, they have announced the decision to mine even before a gold reserve is booked.


Also becoming a producer opens up a whole new range of investors to the stock.


I have been stopped out of my other gold stocks last week, but im going to have a looser stop on this one for the above reasons.



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