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Iron ore still on its way down.



ASX futures down 14 points or 0.2 per cent to 7428


AUD -0.5% to 72.96 US cents

Bitcoin on bitstamp.net -1.6% to $US47,408.99

On Wall St: Dow -0.2% ; S&P 500 -0.2% ; Nasdaq +0.1%

In New York: BHP -3.7% ; Rio -4.7% ; Atlassian +2.4%

In Europe: Stoxx 50 +0.6% ; FTSE +0.2% ; CAC +0.6% ; DAX +0.2%

Spot gold -2.2% to $US1755.56/oz

Brent crude +0.4% to $US75.76 a barrel

US oil +0.2% to $US72.76 a barrel

Iron ore -8.1% to $US107.21 a tonne

2 year yield: US 0.22% ; Australia 0.00%

5 year yield: US 0.84% ; Australia 0.61%

10 year yield: US 1.34% ; Australia 1.26% ; Germany -0.30%

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China conundrum in AusNet bidding duel



As the supplier of electricity to 1.1 billion people in 26 Chinese provinces, State Grid Corporation of China understands the benefits that come from economies of scale.


But when it comes to takeover offers in Australia – in times of heightened geopolitical tension – this rational approach to business can be abandoned in the interests of preserving the status quo.


The bidding duel for AusNet Services, which pits Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management against local pipeline operator APA Group, presents State Grid and the board of AusNet with a conundrum that is not easily solved.


In fact, it’s possible the solution to this problem might well suit State Grid while being against the interest of other AusNet shareholders.


As a 20 per cent shareholder in AusNet, State Grid was happy to be a passive investor collecting its distributions and having a seat at the AusNet board table with access to valuable intelligence about the evolution of Australia’s electricity network.






make sense that APA comes in, hope APA can get it!! :P



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Another storm , this one Evergrande, averted. Australian share are poised to rise amid gains in US stocks as investors took in stride the latest statement from Federal Reserve policymakers which met expectations that the US central bank will soon begin to taper asset buys.


ASX futures up 13 to 7289


AUD +0.2% to 72.43 US cents

Bitcoin on bitstamp.net +3.4% to $US43,422.52

On Wall St: Dow +1% ; S&P 500 +1% ; Nasdaq +1%

In New York: BHP +0.8% ; Rio +1.9% ; Atlassian +0.1%

In Europe: Stoxx 50 +1.3% ; FTSE +1.5% ; CAC +1.3% ; DAX +1%

Spot gold -0.4% to $US1768.05/oz

Brent crude +2.1% to $US75.90 a barrel

US oil +2% to $US71.93 a barrel

Iron ore +17% to $US108.70 a tonne

2 year yield: US 0.24% Australia 0.00%

5 year yield: US 0.85% ; Australia 0.62%

10 year yield: US 1.30% ; Australia 1.25% ; Germany -0.33

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about evergrande






Let’s face it, this is not Lehman’s, this is not LTCM,” Carnell said, referring to American hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management, which failed in the 1990s. and spurred a panic. “It’s not a hedge fund with massive leveraged positions or a bank whose financial asset prices are hurtling towards zero. It’s a property development firm with quite a lot of debt, you know, 300 billion plus thereabouts in dollar terms.”



At a press conference last week, a National Bureau of Statistics spokesman said the department is monitoring the difficulties of some large real estate companies and the potential impact on the economy.


China’s real estate market and related industries such as construction account for more than a quarter of national GDP, according to Moody’s estimates.





i stick yo my view-----worst case ---share holder will be wipe out, but won't have big affect on chinese financial system. IMHO though.


seems market future think the same as price level rebound big time for the major markets around world.

the US debt ceiling is more of major event i reckon!!



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Why $US100 is the key price for iron ore’s fortunes





What do you consider to be your best or worst investment in the sharemarket in your life?


The worst was back in 1999 when I invested in a speculative technology stock called Davnet. It doubled in price and I sold the position to buy a car. The share price subsequently rose a further 5x in the months after I sold, before collapsing back over the next 18 months. This provided me with lots of lessons regarding the momentum of share prices, market sentiment and reversal.




:lol: ..... i traded that DVT [Davnet] many times back then!! what a crazy time that was!! i'm a rookie back then. :lol:

time is flying and market still the same .

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Now it is all about rising bond yields and tight energy supplies, esp LNG


ASX futures up 19 points or 0.3 per cent to 7195


AUD : down 0.8% to 71.75 US cents

Bitcoin on bitstamp.net : down 1.3% to $US41,126.91

On Wall St: Dow +0.3% ; S&P 500 +0.2% ; Nasdaq -0.2%

In New York: BHP +0.1% ; Rio -0.1% ; Atlassian +1.6%

In Europe: Stoxx 50 +0.5% ; FTSE +1.1% ; CAC +0.8% ; DAX +0.8%

Spot gold : down 0.6% to $US1724.53/oz

Brent crude : down 0.5% to $US78.71 a barrel

US oil : down 0.4% to $US74.97 a barrel

Iron ore : +1.8% to $US114.13 a tonne

2 year yield: US 0.29% ; Australia 0.02%

5 year yield: US 0.99% ; Australia 0.77%

10 year yield: US 1.52% ; Australia 1.48% ; Germany -0.21%

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and that last bond scare has faded; energy prices still surging. There was a broad rebound in New York as investors, and US President Joe Biden, shrugged off the political battles within Democrats in Washington. A surge in US consumer spending in August helped temper concerns about rising inflation. Consumption was boosted by a 1.2 per cent rise in purchases of goods, reflecting increases in spending on food and household supplies as well as recreational items.



ASX futures up 52 points or 0.7 per cent to 7180


  • AUD +0.4% to 72.58 US cents
  • On Wall St: Dow +1.4% ; S&P 500 +1.2% ; Nasdaq +0.8%
  • In New York: BHP +0.1% ; Rio -0.01% ; Atlassian +0.2%
  • Stoxx 50 -0.3% ; FTSE -0.8% ; CAC flat ; DAX -0.7%
  • Spot gold +0.2% to $US1760.98/oz in New York
  • Brent crude +1.2% to $US79.28 a barrel
  • US oil +1.1% to $US75.88 a barrel
  • Iron ore -2.9% to $US115.79 a tonne
  • 2 year yield: US 0.23% ; Australia 0.04%
  • 5 year yield: US 0.96% ; Australia 0.78%
  • 10 year yield: US 1.46% ; Australia 1.48% ; Germany -0.23%
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Last week: September lived up to its reputation for been a challenging month for stocks with many global stock indices, including Copper and EEM, printing bearish monthly candles. Friday was the first trading day for October and optimism, fueled by news of Merck's new oral Covid drug that's said to reduce hospitalisations by half, helped to lift US stock to start the new month. Merck gained almost 10% on Friday and this is a most significant one day gain for such a large-cap stock, as I heard Colin Cieszynski report on ABC radio after the US market close, reflecting how enthusiastically this news was embraced by the market. Ryan Detrick noted that Thursday marked the worst final-day of September trading in 10 years yet Friday's recovery marked the best first-day for October trading in 14 years so it's no surprise to see a bullish weekly candle close for the VIX. Despite this positive tone on Friday, the four major US stock indices, the S&P500, DJIA, NASDAQ and Russell-2000, all closed lower for the month and lower for the week but the US$ pushed higher which kept pressure on the commodity currencies. Traders will need to monitor how this Merck news, as well as next week's US NFP monthly jobs report, impacts market sentiment given that October is an historically weak period for stocks as well. Monthly charts have been included for consideration this week and these were captured at the end of market close after September 30th.



Technical Analysis: It is important to keep in mind that this analysis is Technical and chart-based but that any major Fundamental news items, as recently seen with Covid-19, have the potential to quickly undermine identified chart patterns. This is why it is critical that traders appropriately manage their trade exposure and risk per trade during these volatile market conditions.





bit of longer term investing type of thing................... DYOR as always !!



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While some have been beating the “inflation isn’t transitory” drum pretty loud of late, two Wall Street giants just proclaimed that they’re wrong. “Despite near-term uncertainty, we expect the equity market will continue to rally as investors gain confidence that the current pace of inflation is transitory,” Goldman Sachs said. JPMorgan concurred, writing that stagflation fears will soon start to fade. In other words, it’s apparently time to buy the dip




from bloomberg


they are ramping ??? :unsure: not really sure, only to look at TA these days!!

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