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Better eat them before they get confiscated!



Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama, who spent the last month warning of the dangers facing the U.S. economy to win support for his recovery plan, is under pressure to begin fostering public optimism.


Obama has rolled out three major initiatives -- a $787 billion stimulus bill, a bank-rescue plan, and an effort to limit home foreclosures. Now, as he addresses his first joint session of Congress before a nationwide audience tonight, he must encourage lawmakers and voters to believe the plan can work, political analysts and economists say.


"It's a real balancing act," said Stuart Rothenberg, an independent analyst. "The president's got to walk this fine line between reminding people of the difficult situation we're in and emphasizing the inevitable victory."


'He needs to flip from complaining about the terrible circumstances he's inherited and give people cause for optimism"


That tension surfaced in Obama's Saturday radio address, during which he touted the benefits of the stimulus measure, such as a tax cut for 95 percent of families and the quick start-up of infrastructure projects nationwide; he also said "the road ahead will be long and full of hazards."


While the White House offered few details on what the president will say in his televised address, spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama will focus on his economic plan, the surge in foreclosures, his pledge to slash the budget deficit, and the "re-regulation" of financial markets, among other issues.


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Hi flower,

You may recall this pearl from you on 21st Feb 2009

"A Lighthouse protects the unwary seafarer, and gold last night was

flashing rapidly rotating lenses--brilliantly lit.


Gold up USD7.50 warned me that those rocks were becomming uncovered

and dangerous . Gold up USD7.50 warned me that the stats (that could be

fabrications) were going to turn from Deflationary to INFLATIONARY.


Dead on time out came the stats (believable or unbelievable)

The January CPI ROSE 0.38 against December's MINUS .08.


Spot Gold in USD took fright, and bolted to USD1007."


So given Gold fell -even bolted-$30 last night,has the lighthouse had a power failure and we have deflation? (more likely imo is just markets being markets )

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Came across this in "THE WEALTH DAILY"


February 25th, 2009


Wall Street executives. Government ideologues and lawmakers.


Pay no attention to their double speak.


http://images.angelnexus.com/20090126-jt_op.gifIt's just "theater" designed to distract you from the truth... which is that they're all slimy, soulless liars...


From Merrill Lynch's John Thain to former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, we now know the 'fix' was in... Wall Street's worst culprits in collusion with the miscreants of a hapless, deregulated government.


But Thain and Greenspan aren't the only robber barons behind this historic heist.


They're all host bodies carrying the same malignant cancer that's spread through Wall Street and the government's Corporate Welfare Program for the last decade-plus: GREED.


You can learn all about John Thain and Alan Greenspan--and the other 8 "culprits of the financial crisis"--in our just-published report: The Architects of Destruction.

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