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In reply to: Mark M on Tuesday 30/09/08 06:00am

Yeah, well it wasnt the politicians who caused this mess in the first place.


The vote isnt exactly a surprise given that a massive amount of taxpayers funds are being used for an uncertain outcome.


As a constituent I would expect my representative to cast a very critical eye on the proposal. Yeah yeah the doomsayers say the sky will fall in on our heads but we humans are a tough bunch & can bounce back from most things.....



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Now we wait and see the USA going down in flames... but before that, they will try a second vote and this time I think the chance of it passing will be much greater, they just need another 24 votes only, right? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


Meanwhile for those who have guts, today is the day you take a punt and make some very big $$$. It's time to act, not talk.

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In reply to: nohoper on Tuesday 30/09/08 07:56am

the difference was about 228 to 205 but only need a dozen to change over to get it thru.

It will get thru imho in some shape or form.

new vote possible later this week I hear.


basement prices for the brave coming up.

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In reply to: nohoper on Tuesday 30/09/08 07:56am

Whoda thunk! We do live in amazing times, and for most of us interesting times http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


Yes agree nh those of us who have BOS and can still remain nimble stand to make or lose fortunes in this envvironment. Where's EB?


However for the likes of me with more bovine investment strategies it is probably best that we just watch on, chewing our cud and hoping to be thrown some hay at a later, less tumultuous time.


Good luck to all the players from one of the watchers.

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How rejecting a $700 billion plan cost us $1 trillion...


...In other words, we all just spent that $700 billion today -- and still didn't get a rescue plan.


You're doing a heckuva job, Congress.


Let's be clear: The fat cats on Wall Street are still rich. And there must be several dozen of them in total. They were worth many millions, and now they're just worth several millions.


But by making this about a bailout of fat cats and not what it clearly was -- an emergency rescue of the global financial system -- Congress imperils the investments, deposits, money markets and life savings of millions of Americans, to say nothing of people around the world...



*** not too long ago I was discussing human perception of "value" and self worth... "guilt" vs "shame" - where I was saying people from the west tend to place individual first before the community, now you are seeing how it is done in real life - to many politicians over there, the country can go to hell, but I am not going to risk my political career over that. I was so sure "they" would do the right thing because this bailout is about their whole financial system and the economy, not voting for it would mean more people will suffer as a result.


Well I was wrong. With politicians like this, America does not need any terrorists.

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