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Yes. Got a few of these.


Very thinly traded on the Newcastle Stock Exchange.





Really it is Geoff Albers play thing. He controls about 30m of the 50m shares on issue.


Apart from the ground that the hold they have investments in MEO 3m and CUE 36m


MC is about 8m at .16c whereas market value of MEO CUE and cash is in the order of 13m


odd. Out of sight, on the NSX.


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In reply to: 34232 on Thursday 04/10/07 02:53pm

Im sure you enjoyed the latest report esp events subject to balance date (+M$7.5). Good for you 34232 - lets see how this little gem unfolds over the next few years.

...its one of the best kept secrets out there - that is until now!


also gladly holding.




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Being following your postings SB.


Got into this on the IPO.

At the time did not realise that it was to be listed on the NSX as opposed to the ASX.


See that at some point recently the name has been changed from Newcastle to National Stock Exchange.


Trouble with the stock is that while there is inherent value, I am not sure as to how that value is to ever be realised. It is Goeff's plaything or whatever and he has a real grip on the registry. Not unhappy with that as we are in very safe hands, but it is real bottom drawer stuff.


I take some comfort from Geoff's photo. He has more grey hair than me ( although not by much ) and so I guess that, or at least hope that there will be devlopments that will provide more liquidity and realise true value within my lifetime. LOL


The sale of that block recently, and the sale price, gives some idea of just how much value there is in OCT. Further the value of their MEO and CUE holdings is very transparent. I am also into CUE in a substantial way ( at least for me ) and believe that it has a lot of potential. Do not hold MEO but also quite like the story.


As I say, one for the bottom drawer as I have every confidence that Geoff will look after our interests.


Not that the 25 cent options expire 30 June 2008.


Note last two trades each at 20 cents, 20,000 each 19 Sept and 14 Aug, so talk about out of sight.




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In reply to: 34232 on Wednesday 10/10/07 09:56am

nice post 34232


option raising will also give Oct another M$7.5 cash i believe!


what are some other oilers i should know about


Auusies im holding inlc MEO, OCT, INP, CUE, COE, AZA, NWE, NXS, MOS, WPL.





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In reply to: smallbear on Wednesday 10/10/07 10:19am

Def not holding FAR!!! Tried to warn those boys but a few of them refuse to listen and think Im trying to buy - cant be bothered with idiots who bag me for looking out for them.


Oil game risky enough without having your core operational hopes in a countries that are communists (future nationalisation?) or wild west of Africa. - WPL left there for good reason in my book.

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In reply to: 34232 on Wednesday 10/10/07 09:56am

yo 34232


nice reports coming thru last week and 6 months ago!


tell me - are there any other companies out there worth M$50 with a current market cap of M$9.93????????


- this thing has to go ASX real soon!!!


well done 34232.



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Hi Smallbear


Certainly looks way undervalued doesn't it. Off the radar screen.


There Cue holding is very strategic. Albers sits on the board of course.


We will see.


I'm not good at posting much sorry.


Best pick atm I beleve is NZO and PRC. Same stable of course. They have been slow burners but in a two yr timeframe I believe they will be real winners. Market is just starting to wake up to them now.

High risk are the options. My bet is that they will be in the money though. Apparentlly First Boston has upgraded their valuation to 1.80.


I expect a real push to get the opts in the money. Bad market though so who knows. Nzo head shares are very safe I believe and a good bet if you want to be in this market at all.


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